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General Information


How old are you?
I'm 22, my birthday is on the 4th of March

What did you study?
I studied Art and Design, mainly focusing on graphic design and textiles at Coleg Menai in Bangor.

What size are you?
I'm a size UK6/8 and shoe size 5

Do you have a twitter? How can I get in touch?
Yes, I do have a twitter account @FionaFach (which means little Fiona in Welsh!) Alternatively, you can email me at: (please refer to my CONTACT ME section)

Hair/Clothes/Makeup etc!

Where do you shop?
I mainly shop at: Topshop, River Island, H&M and Primark. I also love shopping online, and probably spend most of my time doing so! My favourite online shops are ASOS and Topshop!
I also get some of my clothes from charity shops or get given clothes or accessories as birthday gifts or at Christmas!! I am also extremely obsessed with buying used clothing on ebay!!

How do you do your nails?
Usually I paint my real nails with either Barry M nail polishes or Models Own. If I do a nail art feature then I tend to paint false nails and then apply onto my real nails as I find this a lot easier to do and they look much better when finished!

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 550d which I bought and fell in love with a few months ago!! I am constantly extremely impressed with the quality of the photographs and have my camera on me all the time!!!

Why don't you do any videos?
I genuinely am not really into making videos at the moment. I am a shy person and don't really like the idea of filming myself!! On the other hand, my boyfriend is the complete opposite, and you may see some videos of him in the near future!!

What are your interests?
Since I studied graphics and textiles at college, I am really interested in crafting. I probably spend 80% of my time doing so!!
I make anything and everything, and I sell them on my online shop here
I am also really into photography. I spend a lot of time photographing my daily life and anything I find interesting! 
I also really love films, shopping, clothes, makeup....the list goes on!!

Do you sell the items you feature on your blog?
I have had many people ask me whether I sell the items featured on here. Many people are really disappointed when they find out I don't attend any fairs near where they live! (I currently live near Sheffield and therefore sell at craft fairs around here, or alternatively my home is in North Wales - I will from time to time sell my stuff there too!)
BUT I am more than willing to send anything through the post (I have numerous amounts of cardboard boxes + rolls of bubble wrap!)
If you see anything you'd like to buy, please contact me or comment on the blog post! I do intend on developing this further, and will in the near future be posting about my items available to buy!)

Contact Me

If you have any questions
or if you want me to review any of your products, please email me at:

Alternatively take a look at my FAQ page for common questions!
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