Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fiona's To Do List

Ok, so this week I seriously need to sort my wardrobe out! Half my clothes I don't even wear any more, and the things I do wear, I wear over and over again! So I am determined to basically sort them out, everything I don't wear any more will have to go on ebay so I can get some money to add to my 'new clothes piggy bank!'
I have already recently bought some Gap jean leggings which I love so so much! They are probably going to be my winter staple as I'm hoping to buy some more in different colours!! And also I've just put an order in for a gorgeous skater style dress from H&M which I love so so much.
Tomorrow I think we are going shopping! Since we've only just moved to the flat and trying to settle in, we thought we might go for a little shopping trip to get out and see new things!! I can't wait to spend some pennies in Paperchase!! And also take a look in H&M for any winter woolies! I'm already looking at winter clothes and it's not even September yet!! But in all honesty, I love winter, I love the clothes!! I really enjoy buying big winter scarves and mittens and wrapping myself up!!
I will keep you updated! And post a mini shopping haul if I buy anything!!


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