Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gap Jean Leggings

Review : ★
Price : £29.96

I recently bought Gap's skinny jean legging which arrived today! I had heard a lot about these leggings, and for me personally, it's extremely hard to find a decent pair of skinny jeans that don't lose their shape. These seemed so perfect and after trying them on I wanted one in every colour!!
The fit seemed extremely perfect, the leg length was just right for me and it fit snug around my legs! And at £29.96 (a £10 off the usual price) I thought they were an absolute bargain for a skinny jean addict and also perfect for Autumn/Winter! Weather in North Wales is not the best, and unfortunately, winter seems to be coming early for us this year...

Click here if you're also tempted to treat yourself to a pair!!

I will soon be posting a feature on how and what to wear them with!!


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