Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tin Candle Tutorial

This is such a cheap and easy way to make candles as well as looking really cute!
You will need:

empty tin or can
paper or fabric
candle wick
candle wax
metal tabs for the candle

Step 1
First of all you will need to wash your tin or can and take off the wrapper. Measure your can and cut a piece of paper big enough to wrap around your can.

Step 2
Wrap your paper around the can and glue at the ends (if you have sticky cellophane like stuff, I used it a lot at school to cover my books with!! Well if you do have this stuff, it will give you a really nice shiny finish to your tin candle and will protect the paper!!)

Step 3
You will need to coat your candle wick with some wax unless it's already coated. Dip it in some white/plain wax and leave it to dry for a few minutes. After you have done this, you will need to put the end of the wick in a candle tab which can be bought here

Step 4
Once you have done so, put the wick inside the can in the middle and I usually wrap the end of the wick around a pen or ruler, or anything I can find so the wick stays sturdy (see pic!!)

Step 5
Melt your wax (I tend to melt my wax in an old saucepan on the stove) This is the time to add any colours or fragrances if desired. Let your wax cool for a bit before you pour it into your can.

Step 6
Leave the wax to set for a few hours.. Et voila!!!



  1. Looks great! I've got a candle making kit, so may give this a go :) x

  2. aww thank you :) if you do, put a pic up on your blog so I can see :)


  3. Great tutorial - thanks!

    x Hilary

  4. Hi from a new follower, I've popped over from Folksy.

    Jan x

  5. great tutorial love the idea of using old tins to make the candles in.

  6. Thank you very much :)
    If you try it out please post a pic on your blog so I can see!!


  7. this is such a fantastic idea! I will definitely be trying it out. I'm following you through the IFB group, love your blog!


  8. Thank you so much!! Anyone who's going to attempt this please let me know and take pics! I would love to see what you come up with!


  9. Thank you! It's a gift wrap from asda :)


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