Monday, 5 September 2011

Afternoon Tea

For the past few days I have literally been obsessing over drinking tea, tea cups, tea pots, tea cosies, cupcakes....Basically anything to do with AFTERNOON TEA. It's probably a British thing, but I love obsessing over it!! On my current wish list is a teapot (I'm hoping to find a really cheap one in a charity shop when I go back home!) a tea cosy (but I'm hoping to buy a knitting loom so I can make one myself!) and some more tea cups (I love shopping for tea cups, I have found loads of gorgeous ones over the past few years because I love making teacup candles!!)
So I was looking all over the internet, trying to find some afternoon tea inspired items, when I came across these lovelies at Dot Com Gift Shop! I'm sure most of you know about Dot Com Gift Shop, but for those of you who don't, where on earth have you been!? I am in love with this online store and could literally and dangerously spend all my money on there.....!

10 reasons why you should take a look

1. Cake Tins Set of 3 £12.95
2. Regency Teapot £23.95
3. Dairy Maid Teapot £15.95
4. Kitchen Scales £19.95
5. Heart Shape Cases £3.95
6. Polka Dot Cases £1.50
7. Cake Money Box £3.95
8. Teacup And Saucer £6.95
9. Cake Stand £23.95
10. Metal Hook £2.95



  1. Ow I know they are just way too gorgeous!! I wish I had enough money to buy the entire online store!! haha X


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