Friday, 30 September 2011

Beware Of The Spitting Dinosaur

When I first packed for my few days back home in north Wales, I made sure I had plenty of wooly jumpers with me, lots of leggings, warm socks and boots...Whilst driving home, the sun burnt in the bright blue sky and my dashboard boasted twenty three degrees. Little did I know I was about to spend the next few days exposing my ghostly pale skin.
I arrived back Tuesday afternoon and spent the evening with Lora, drooling over her beautiful hand made jewellery and envying her talent!
Wednesday, I went to get my hair dyed (and my hairdresser got over excited with pink hair dye, pictured above!) I also spent the afternoon bargain hunting with my dad for gorgeous vintage tea cups and got some super cute ones! The collection of teacups pictured are actually the ones I had at home, so if you see any you like, please let me know as they will be transformed into lovely teacup candles asap!
Yesterday, I went to Chester Zoo with my friend Anwen. They had a temporary dinosaur section with moving dinosaur models (these scared the life out of me....especially since my boyfriend has been obsessing over dinosaur programmes on tv recently!) Anyway, one of the dinosaurs actually spat out water....Luckily not directly at us, my Canon would not have been impressed with him for that!! I will have to upload some more pics of our trip in another blog post!
Oh, and I tried out leopard print nails with my new nail art pen + models own polishes which I absolutely love!! Let me know what you think as a first attempt!!
Hope you're all having a lovely week!!!



  1. Sounds like you've had a great time :D I haven't been to Chester Zoo in years but the dinosaurs sound really fun. Oh, & i love your leopard nails - great colours! xx

  2. OH OH I would like one of those little pink rose teacups for my candle - pleeease! :) They look dinky and sweet!
    Your first attempt at leopard nails is AMAZING - mine were rubbish compared with yours, haha. Took me quite a bit of practice! xx

  3. Your nails look amazing, I am very jealous they look so great as I am terrible at nail art. Those are some gorgeous looking teacups, can't wait to order a candle from you!

  4. Thank you for all your looovely comments!!!
    @Sophie, of course!! Will be starting on them next week so I'll message you :)
    x x x

  5. The pink in your hair is really cute.
    Your first attempt at leopard nails is better than mine have ever turned out aha!
    Abigail xx

  6. your nails look really good! And love your collection of tea cups :) xx

  7. Your nails are great! I love Chester Zoo and Chester in general actually!
    That's a fab collection of crockery, love teacup candles :) xx

  8. Your nails look did you do them?

    also i found your blog via ifb and followed.

    check out mine and follow:)

  9. I will probably post a tutorial soon on these :)
    x x x


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