Saturday, 3 September 2011

Clothes Swap

Ok, so I'm basically trying to find someone who lives in the UK and is a size 6/8/10 in clothes and size 5 in shoes to participate in a clothes swap with me.
I decided to do this because I literally have so many clothes I don't wear any more and they were about to go to a charity shop in a big bin bag, when I came up with the idea ''I could do a blog feature on this!!'' 
So if you would like to participate in a clothes swap (which will include shoes you no longer wear, jeans, tops, dresses, accessories and jewellery) or know of anyone who would be interested, please contact me:
or alternatively, leave a comment below and I will get back to you



  1. Hey hey!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, but I'm no the same size as you!! I'm 10-12 with size 6 feet, eek!! x

  2. Haha not to worry!!! The search will continue!! xx

  3. Perfect! I'm a size 8-10, and a size 5 foot. This was meant to happen, haha. I'll have to have a little trail through what I've got left, but I'd love to get involved! How would we be doing this?

    Lizzie x

  4. That was definitely meant to be! I'm sure I have quite a few things you'd like, plus if they don't fit you're welcome to do whatever you want with them!
    I was thinking we could send each other little packages and then obviously we could do a blog feature about what we have received?
    Maybe it will encourage others to do the same? :)
    I know I have lots more stuff at home (I've just moved to a flat) and won't be home till end of this month, but I could send you a little package before that also?


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