Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elf Cosmetics


My elf order arrived today!! Finally!! I was so excited to receive them since I have never used elf products before! I took advantage of their 50% off sale and my order came up to about £19 all together!
These are the products I bought:
Mechanical eyelash curler £0.75
Foundation Brush £0.75
Blending Eye Brush £0.75
Total Face Brush £0.75
Bronzing And Blending Brush £0.75
Eye Crease Brush £0.75
Fair Foundation £1.75
Lengthening Mascara £1.75
Flawless Finish Foundation £3.25
Tinted Moisturiser £1.75
Mineral Face Primer £3.00

Ok, so first of all I was really looking forward to receiving the eye blending brush. I had been wanting one of these for ages, and as I'm completely addicted to my BH Cosmetics palette, it was definitely needed! As you can see in the photograph, when I opened the package, this brush was bent.....I was not amused! I bent it back, but it's literally broken, which I was very disappointed about.

Mineral Face Primer
I was really pleased with this face primer. I have only used a couple before and I was really disappointed with them, they left my skin feeling really tight and made it seem incredibly dry. This face primer goes on smoothly, and leaves my skin feeling super smooth which gives a fantastic foundation base as I noticed when applying my makeup. 

Flawless Finish Foundation
To apply this foundation I used the foundation brush which I was incredibly pleased with. The foundation went on smoothly and gave fairly good coverage to hide blemishes. The finish of the foundation seemed nice and it didn't look cakey or too much in any way. Overall, I was really pleased with it as I have heard some negative reviews about it. The only thing I can say is that the colour was slightly lighter than what I expected, and if I wore fake tan, I would have to use some bronzer on top!

Fair Mineral Foundation
I have previously been using the L'Oreal Mineral Foundation which I really loved, it gave really fantastic coverage and made my skin appear flawless. 
I was hoping this mineral foundation would be similar, however, I didn't notice a huge change in the appearance of my skin and it didn't really cover blemishes as well as the L'Oreal. However, I do like using mineral foundations just to finish my look off, and I do think I will use it for the time being until I decide on trying out a new one!!
I applied this mineral foundation with my face brush, and I was rather disappointed with this. Whilst applying the mineral foundation, some bristles came out and the overall feel of the brush was rather hard against my face.

Lengthening and Volumising Mascara
Generally, I don't have long eyelashes... I'm the type of person who would wear false eyelashes at any occasion, I just love big eyelashes! First of all I curled my lashes with the eyelash curler I just bough since I badly needed a new one! I applied the mascara and was genuinely surprised how much longer my eyelashes appeared! I thought the brush applicator was rather messy as I got a lot of mascara under my lower lashes!! Otherwise the application was easy, the mascara went on well and I was really pleased with the results.
Overall, I think this product along with the mineral primer amazed me the most.

All together, I have enjoyed using my elf cosmetic products. Most of the items I bought only cost 75p in the 50% off sale, which in my opinion is a fantastic bargain! Most of the brushes I purchased, I was pleased with except for the face brush which was hard against my skin, and also the fact my eye blending brush had bent in the package!!
I was really amazed with the results of the face primer and lengthening mascara, and I definitely think I would buy these products again any day.
As for the foundation, I liked it, but it came up really light on my skin, and if I were to buy this product again I would probably purchase a darker colour. 
For £19 including postage for all of these products, a fast delivery service and good overall products, I would definitely purchase more products from elf. I was generally overwhelmed with the quality and look of their products since they were so cheap!!



  1. Fantastic!!!!;D

  2. I made a massive elf order aswell, getting so impatient though as they're still not here!

  3. Oh, my order took a while to come as well since I ordered last week! But it has been bank holiday though!! They're definite worth the wait since they are sooo cheap!! :)


  4. My friend is elf make up mad. I've never tried them but now I'm very tempted.

  5. I think value for money they are great :) definite worth a try!! Not sure if their 50% sale is still on? But worth a look! x


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