Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I Heart Pizza...

Funny way of making a pizza....Yes I know!! It seriously looks like I'm baking some strange cake! Well, in our new flat I have no baking trays...or baking parchment, and I had to make do with my cake tins and paper cases! 
However, the pizzas turned out so well! I was really pleased, they tasted so amazing, I think it's probably the nicest thing I have cooked so far!!
The pizza base was literally made with self raising flour, oil and water (no yeast involved in this recipe!) They were extremely easy to make and healthier than your average oil drenched pizza (plus thumbs up from the bf as well!)


300g Self raising flour
2 tbsp Oil
Pinch of salt
150ml water (add more if the mix is slightly stiff)


Tomato puree
Anything else you want on your pizza (vegetables, fish, meat)

Step 1
First of all mix all your dry ingredients with your oil and water (I can't remember how much water I used exactly, but I tend to guess as I go along!) Add a little bit of water first, and if the mix is too dry just add a little bit more!

Step 2
Knead the dough and press into greased and lined baking trays (I used my cake tins!!) You can make them as thick or thin as you like, but since we love thick base pizzas I split my mixture into two pizza bases (they were about a third of an inch thick!)

Step 3
Bake your base for 5-10 minutes (200 degrees)

Step 4
Take your base out, and top it with anything you fancy! I used tomato puree, a tin of ratatouille bought from Asda and some herbs and spices (this was all I could find in our cupboards!!!) My boyfriend wanted sardines on his, but I'm not a big fishy fan!!

Step 5
Bake in the oven for a further 10-20 minutes

Step 6
You now have a very yummy pizza on your plate!



  1. In response to your comment - they took just under 2 weeks, which isn't too long :)

    I'm so jealous you can cook from scratch, if I ever attempted this I'd be sure to end up with food poisoning! xx

  2. Ha definitely not! I think you should try it just so I can see what it looks like!!! :)
    x x

  3. Mmmm that looks good :) xx

  4. Love it! Like the Delia ones but probably a bit healthier as you don't fry them... :)

  5. we ordered pizza tonight, but this homemade pizza looks like a much better option.

  6. Thank you!! I was actually inspired by your blog post about the Delia ones! But I decided to give it my own little touch! haha :)
    x x

  7. Mmmm...I love all your baking posts, they always make me hungry though! xx

  8. Haha thank you!!! :)
    Loved your cheesecakes I must try asap!!
    x x


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