Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I Missed You Wales...

Sorry for no post yesterday everyone. I had a three hour journey to come home yesterday morning...I arrived home with post to open, catching up to do, and friends to see! Last night was a really lovely evening which I spent with my close friend Lora (check out her blog + creations, they are absolutely gorgeous) We ended up taking a long walk on the beach as the sun went down! How romantic! I've missed the sea and mountains so much, it's something I always take for granted until I go somewhere with no sea in sight! Despite the fact I am not at all a great swimmer, and even hate putting my head in water, I absolutely love the sea and it's tranquil qualities....Oh how I've missed you Wales!

001 This is beautiful....I want this picture enlarged and framed so I can take it back to the flat with me, so whenever I miss the sea, I always have it to look at!
This beach is Dinas Dinlle near Caernarfon in north Wales in case you wanted to know or wanted to visit!

002 This is one of Lora's beautiful creations. She has such enviable talent it's unbelievable! I call these mushrooms...! This particular piece is a crocheted wire brooch. Lora will be doing the Sheffield Christmas Market with me on the 13th of November, so if you like any of our items please come and say hi to us!!

003 I wish I took a better picture of Lora's outfit! Her wardrobe is full of beautiful vintage finds, second hand leather satchels, a large collection of beautiful scarves and to die for jewellery (which luckily she can produce herself!)
I've always loved her style and how she puts an outfit together. Yesterday, she wore gorgeous navy/dark wash skinnies from Topshop, a cute knit cardi and this beautiful scarf. Hopefully we're going to catch up again soon for a lovely afternoon tea, so I will make sure I take some pics of her lovely wardrobe!!

004 Trying out some shutter settings on my camera! I definitely need to work on this.....but it's a start! At least it means another trip to the beach soon!

005 More of Lora's beautiful brooches!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I have so much to show you it's unbelievable! Oh...and the Bara Brith was lovely according to my dad so I also need to post the recipe for all of you!
Anyway, today I am off to get my hair done (super excited about this!) Then I am off to some charity shops with my dad in search of beautiful teacups!
I hope you all have a lovely day!!



  1. The photos of the beach are so beautiful! x

  2. Those pics of the sea are gorgeous, you're making me miss home now!


  3. Oh dear! You've had a sorry case of hiraeth!
    Lovely photos are worth it.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments! Oh definitely, here will always be my home! I love it! x x x

  5. The place in the first picture is so beautiful. Made me wanna visit that beach!

  6. I love the coast and the beach, lots of my holidays were spent in North Wales, your photo's are lovely.

    Jan :o)

  7. The pictures are lovely! You've sold Wales to me haha

  8. Oh wow, the pictures on the beach are beautiful xx


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