Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Little Giveaway...

I'm hosting a little giveaway, and I'm super excited about this!! So all you have to do if you want to take part is post about this on your blog/twitter. Once you have done this, comment below with your name and why you would like to win!
A winner will be selected randomly on the 16th of September!

You will receive:
1. one scented tin candle
(as featured in my blog)
2. felted soap
(a yummy, exfoliating friend!)
3. a retro teacup candle
4. vouchers and other goodies to share with your friends
(this voucher entitles you to a free gift if you spend £10 or more at my online store BY FIONA)



  1. I've tweeted your giveaway @KokokelliWomble

    I would love to win as I adore candle light, it really sets the mood and scented candles are even better (especially when you have a boyfriend who is constantly farting like a trooper lol :oP)



  2. i have just tweeted too @oldskoolretroKB, i would love to win, as i adore all things teacups! I recently had a vintage hen do and loved it so this would be a lovely reminder!

    Great giveaway xx

  3. I've tweeted :) @trinket_box

    I would love to win, as I LOVE handmade things, and your candles look gorgeous! It would totally cheer me up too :D


  4. Have posted on my blog :) catsceramics

    I would love to win because I had a lovely teacup candle until yesterday when the cat broke it!

    Thanks for the chance x

  5. Hi,
    I have tweeted:)

    Such a lovely giveaway,an ideal Xmas pressent for a lady I know.

  6. Heya!

    I would really love to win these supercool things as I'm moving house in a few days. Best thing about my new house is that it has a bathtub and I'd love to light up that teacup candle. It's amazing! After 1 and a half years of no bath and just a shower, I'd really love to have some nice bath treats!

    Shared via my FB page and Twitter <3

    Jen xxx

  7. I've tweeted at @_legseleven :)

    I would love to win these beautiful pieces because i have been looking for some candles like this to decorate my new university room, for my first year, and just found nothing good enough! But after looking at your shop, your pieces are gorgeous and are more than worthy to brighten up my little home from home :)

    K ox

  8. Hey :)

    I've blogged about you at www.sarahbaines.com. I would love to win your contest because i'm pretty new to blogging and your giveaway has been the only one i've really wanted to enter! Keep up the good work,

    Sarah x

  9. I've tweeted the giveaway :) @Daisy_kate

    I'd love to win this, the candles are just stunning that you make and I'd love it! and I'd obviously love to share your vouchers with my friends :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  10. I've tweeted about the giveaway @abi_gray

    I'd love to win as I love all things homemade and vintage looking and your things would be right at home in my house!

  11. This is a great giveaway!

    I've just tweeted it :) @prettybodies

    I'd love to win as I love candles and teacups, they are so so so cute together! And i love the fact it's all handmade, lovely :)


  12. Tweeted your giveaway @missielizzieb

    Loved readying about your prep for Christmas fairs. I would so love to win some little treats for my new house I'm moving into next week to make it feel cosy and homely right away.

    Thanks for doing this lovely giveaway, and glad to have found your blog. x

  13. I've tweeted your giveaway @daisyangel1

    I found your lovely blog through missielizzie tweet for this comp, have only had a quick look around but can see that I will be a frequent visitor so have made sure I'm following via GFC so I don't miss new posts. Would love to win the goodies particularly the teacup candle as you can see from my blog I'm an afternoon tea freak so this would add to the atmosphere.


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