Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monday Morning, Rain Is Pouring...

Yesterday was a fairly busy day! I managed to get a lot done. One thing about having a blog I really like is the fact that I can basically keep it as a diary, a note of what I've done that day. I'm also incredibly obsessed with photographing absolutely anything and everything (ok...so maybe not EVERYTHING, but still!!! I love to take photographs of beautiful things that welcome themselves into my life!!)

001 Congratulations to my blog giveaway winner Daisy Kate! This is your box of goodies (and this is what is looked like yesterday before posting!!) Also thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! It's definitely something I'd like to do more of in the near future!!

002 Ok, so many of you have basically been saying they wish I was selling at a craft fair near them. Unfortunately, I'm doing everything and anything possible to save the pennies at the moment and so I'm only selling at fairs close by. I will be at the Sheffield Christmas Market in November, as well as selling back at home in North Wales. If you're around, please come and say hi!!
So anyway...I basically want to list on here what I have available to buy so all of you who are unable to come and see me at my craft markets can buy online! (I have lots and lots of bubble wrap and boxes, so don't worry about that!!!) This is what I have been doing today. They are my lovely scented tin candles!! You can really see my obsession with pink and blue....!!
L-R Polka dot tin candle £5
Large tin candles £8
Small tin candle £3.50
(If you are interested in buying anything you see, please email me! This is basically what I do for a living...I fill my flat with all the lovely goodies I make....so don't be scared to ask!!)

003 As a little break from work, I went for a tiny shopping trip to Primark and bought this lovely scarf for £4 and the gorgeous ring for £2.50!!! (Again...pink + blue....!!)

004 Me drinking tea....nothing unusual there!! Also I took a pic of my table arrangement..This will be a part of my 'how to transform your flat/house on a budget' feature!! I absolutely love collecting glass bottles, jars and cans as you know...These are just some of the ideas what you can use them for!! I picked the flowers up at Wilkinson (the pom-pom flowers were £1.25 and the white blossom bunch were £1ish)

005 Another headband I bought at Primark. I've already bought an identical one in red, but this was just so cute and I couldn't say no!! Plus they'll be really good for A/W!! It's already getting colder so it's an excuse to wear them!!

006 Another shot of the flowers I bought today to brighten up the kitchen!!

007 My slowly but surely expanding collection of glass jars and bottles!!! This is a current obsession...They fill up an entire cupboard in the kitchen, that's how obsessed I am!



  1. Awww! This is just the kind of post I love. Really beautiful pics. I've made scented candles in the past and used to love how the aromas filled the kitchen :) xx


  2. I totally collect glass jars/bottles too! Perfect for my label making obsession :)

    GOD, "Praise him" makes me shudder just thinking about it! I really, really, really hated the Doctor calling Amy "Amy Williams", why can't Rory be Rory Pond? Sounds so much cooler! :) What did you think?

  3. ps: I'd love to try and see you and your goodies when you're in Sheffield! Do you know when you'll be here?

  4. I'm the same I have an expanding collection of jars they are so useful! xx


  5. I love your tin candles. How much would postage be for 2 little 'uns? xx
    P.S What else do you make, I'm thinking Christmas Presents!! xx

  6. you have such a cute blog!!! you'll be seeing more of me, im your new follower! <3

    [ blog | twitter ]

  7. thank you sooo much sweetie!!!
    x x x

  8. I love everything--you have great taste!


  9. Great photos. I love your nail color. <3

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. You should check it out.


  10. Any time you're in Sheffield we should definitely meet up! We could go exploring :) x

  11. i have this hairband i love it such a cute teacup xx


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