Thursday, 15 September 2011

Seeing Red

Jeans : £40 : Topshop  Jumper : £40 : River Island  Clutch Bag : £28 : Miss Selfridge
Heeled Ankle Boots : £80 : Topshop  Buckle Ankle Boots : £60 : River Island

Converse : £67.99 : Office  Scarf : £15 : River Island  
Stripe Top : £25 : Topshop  Bowler Bag : £40 : River Island

Aztec Dress : £39 : Miss Selfridge  Wedges : £95 : Office
Bag : £45 : River Island  Faux Fur Snood : £20 : River Island

At the moment, I am really obsessing over coloured skinny jeans, especially these ones from Topshop!! To show their versatility, I have put together 3 looks/outfits!
These looks are perfect for any occasion! The first is basically a day + night look with a simple change in footwear to take you through to the evening. I really love the jumper, it's so trendy yet so warm! 
The second look is such a fun look! I love this scarf from River Island! It's hilarious! I could imagine wearing this to go shopping with my friends or go out for lunch or bowling!!! The bag is also so cute! It's something that would go with absolutely anything!
The third look is a bit of fun! I love the faux fur snood teamed with the aztec print jumper dress in contrast with the studded wedge shoes and bag!

How will you be wearing your coloured skinnies?? 


P.S My giveaway is closing tomorrow, so if you'd like to enter please make sure you do before 5pm! 


  1. OH MY, I love that Aztec jumper so hard! And is it wrong to want to snuggle the bag from Look 2...?

  2. No, definitely not wrong :p haha!!!
    I miss the sheep in North Wales, so this makes me think of home haha!!!
    X X

  3. Oh don't get me started on coloured jeans, had a lot of upset today over a pair in h&m not in my size. Considering posting on my blog begging people to look in their local h&m for me and offering to pay a fiver extra haha.x

  4. haha which ones are they? I can have a look if you like!!!
    x x

  5. Ha you're great, they're not acctualy jeans, they're like emerald green and have a zip down the side, and I'm a size 6 in them, they're £9.99!x

  6. I'll be on the look out for you!!! are they not on the site yet? X X

  7. Thankyou :)! They don't seem to do size 6 on the site, I tried on a size 8 in store and it was realy baggy on me. So annoying!x

  8. I've seen a pair similar to these in newlook, I used to be prepared to shell out on Topshop jeans but I've heard recently they're starting to lose their shape a little too quickly


  9. Yeah they do a bit :( I don't tend to wear Topshop jeans any more, they don't seem to fit me as well as they used to.....which is a shame :(
    x x

  10. LOVE those red trousers, want them! :)

  11. Ahh love these bits, especially the jumper in the first mix, and the aztec dress in the last!

    I have some mint green skinnies and LOVE them but STILL haven't worn them (!) - Have wanted some red ones for EVER! xx

  12. aaahh that fox scarf is amazing!! I am going to go find it right now!!!

    love your blog btw :)

  13. Thank you for your lovely comments!!!
    I badly want some coloured skinnies + that River Island jumper.....I love it!! ha!!
    x x


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