Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tea Break

001 I have been super busy today getting lots of work done. I have just less than two months until my first Christmas fair, and so far, I am totally not prepared!! I need to get up early each morning and get working hard!! All my items are available to buy also, so if you are interested or wanting some unique Christmas gifts, please let me know! Alternatively you can email me at :

002 Last night I started to paint some of my jam jars with pink glass paint. They still have a while until they can be cured in the oven, but I was fairly pleased with how they turned out (despite the fact they are fairly streaky at parts) These jars will hopefully be filled with yummy sweeties anyway to sell or give to friends as lovely Christmas treats!!

003 My boyfriend attended a freshers fair on Monday and came home with a big bag of goodies (when I say goodies, I actually mean rubbish) However....I found this little tea bag sachet inside and instantly obsessed over it!!! I love tea....end of! I usually drink decaf tea or herbal/green tea, but I love clippers, and today I decided to drink it in my cute little tea cup!!

004 My little tea break after a fairly busy afternoon! I'm still undecided whether to keep this teacup to drink out of, or to transform it into a candle....I think I will actually keep it, it reminds me of my grandmother so much (she used to have similar retro teacups and constantly drank tea! I remember the bottoms were slightly cracked due to heavy usage!!)

Hope you're having a lovely day!



  1. These candles are adorable :)


  2. I love tea too! And your teacup is very cute indeed :) x

  3. Loving the candles!!! Thanks for your comment on my outfit, the cardi is from Topshop x

  4. Beautiful colourful candles! Love the tins :) x

  5. Thank you both for the lovely comments! xxx

  6. The heart printed saucer is so pretty(: x


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