Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What I Bought..

Knitted Head Band : Primark
Black Vest : Primark
Body Con Skirt : Topshop
Shirt : Primark
Necklace : Primark

So yesterday my boyfriend's mum and sister came to visit us at the flat for the first time! We've now moved away from home properly for the last two weeks (and yes I do from time to time miss home. I miss the surrounding mountains, the views, walks on the beach...But it's also nice to be fully living with my boyfriend, and home is not that far away. I can easily go home whenever I want, and will probably be going home on occasions) However, it was really nice to see his mum and sister. I had been baking muffins and bread that morning, ready for their arrival (and they loved them! By the time they left, only one little cupcake remained on the previously full plate of cakes!) We spent the afternoon shopping in town, and we hadn't actually been shopping for quite some time! I saw some extremely gorgeous coloured jeans in Internacionale, and I can see myself paying a visit back as soon as possible to go and try them on!! (My boyfriend's sister bought some lovely red skinny jeans! So gorgeous!) In fact, I saw so many gorgeous items in there!! I want to go back!
Anyway, then we went to Primark, and I bought a red shirt (which I'm wearing in the photograph) and the cute little head band! I've been wanting one like this for absolutely ages, and they were only £1.50 in Primark (they also have them in cream, black and pink) And I might go back and get another one! My boyfriend thinks I look cute in it too which is always a plus!
My boyfriend's mum treated me to the gorgeous bug necklace which I instantly fell in love with which was so nice of her! They also have matching rings, and they're totally adorable!



  1. That head band is adorable! Nice find, I usually get frustrated with how messy Primark is so I never spend long in there and find little treasures like that

    Leigh xo

  2. I know, you really have to dig deep sometimes to find what you want in there!! Worth it in the end with everything so cheap in there :)
    Thank you for your comment!!

  3. I bought one of Primark's knitted headbands the other day too! So cheap!

  4. LOVE this shirt. I've got a couple… a ton, in fact… of similar ones but they're the kind of stuff I can't never get enough of.

  5. Aw thank you!! I love them too, they're just so comfy and go with almost anything!! Although I don't tend to wear them that often!

  6. that top is amazing!!! i love plaid shirts. they're so versatile.


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