Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Evil Pumpkin

I absolutely love this time of year! When you cut open a pumpkin, that's when it feels like Halloween!! I used to hate the smell as a child, but as I've grown up, I've grown to like it! 
Halloween is probably the beginning of winter for me. It's that time of year where it starts to get colder and is dark at tea time! But in all honesty, I love this time of year...I love the coldness, I love the warm drinks in front of the fire, the mittens and scarves and cute winter coats!
Today in fact was the first time I carved a pumpkin all by myself! Last year, I made one with my boyfriend but he took over and carved like mad! It actually turned out fantastic, but I wanted to do my own this year! If you had seen me earlier, you'd think I was in the middle of a surgical procedure....Rubber gloves and all! It was slightly hilarious, I wish I could've filmed it! However, I did take a few photos, and as you can see from the second photograph I have my 'surgical' glove on!!
To be fair, I think my lantern looks hilariously evil (in a cute way...if that's even possible!!) I can't wait to put a little tea light inside!!
There's something truly magical yet haunting about Halloween and I can't wait for my Halloween weekend!!
What are you all up to?
I still need to sort out my outfit.....get a move on Fiona!!!



  1. It looks awesome!! I've never carved a pumpkin! x

  2. Aww thank you Sophie! :) x x

  3. Aww I want to make a scarey one, I was going to goodle a design x

  4. That's fab! I think it is quite a friendly looking pumpkin!
    I never used to like "pumpkin smell" either....actually I still don't!! :D xx


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