Thursday, 20 October 2011

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

For days I have been wanting to go to Llanddwyn beach but unfortunately the weather has been too wet and windy!! Today, the sun was out, and despite being a little bit on the cold side, it was a really lovely day! I instantly took the opportunity to go to Llanddwyn!
For those of you who don't know where Llanddwyn is, it's located on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey and around 15 minute drive from Bangor. Llanddwyn is named after Saint Dwynwen (the welsh equivalent to St Valentine) 

"Dwynwen fell in love with Maelon Daffodrill, who she wished to marry. There are several different versions of the story: that Maelon rejected Dwynwen’s love for him; her father refused Dwynwen to marry Maelon because he had already found a suitor to whom he would have Dwynwen married; or Maelon discovered the Prince’s plan to marry Dwynwen to another man and in his frustration, he raped Dwynwen and abandoned her.

In her heartbreak and upset, Dwynwen fled to the woods where she prayed to God to make her forget Maelon and her feelings towards him. Falling into a deep sleep, Dwynwen was visited by an angel who gave her a potion. On giving the potion to Maelon, he suddenly turned into a block of ice. 

Afterwards God granted Dwynwen three wishes. Her first wish was for Maelon to be thawed; secondly she requested that through her, God would care for all true lovers; and thirdly, she wished to never marry. Her three wishes granted, Dwynwen retreated to Llanddwyn Island, a small island off Anglesey, and there she devoted her life to God as a way of thanks for the granting of her three wishes. In her devotion she built a convent and a stone church upon the island. As well as becoming the Welsh patron saint of lovers, she also became the patron saint of sick animals.

Dwynwen died in 640 AD. Since then, Llanddwyn Island and her church have been visited by hundreds of pilgrims every year. Lovers visit the island annually to discover their destiny. Many believe that by following the particular movements of the eels and fish that live in the pilgrim’s well on the island, lovers will be able to see if their love is true."

Just before heading off to Llanddwyn, me and my dad stopped at Llanberis to take some lovely photographs of Padarn Lake and Dolbadarn Castle. Because the weather was so incredibly cold, I decided to wear my faux fur mittens (my dad now calls them little hamsters!!) along with my new biker style boots and my hand knitted headband!!

Here is a list of what I wore and where I got them:

Leopard Print Mac
New Look

Biker Style Boots

Faux Fur Mittens

Black Legging Jeans

Knitted Headband
Hand knitted by myself!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely day so far!! Just as a reply to anyone who's interested: Yes I am selling my knitted headbands, I'm mainly knitting them for my Christmas Craft Fairs, but if you have a special request I am more than willing to knit one for you! For further information feel free to email me at:



  1. Beautiful photos! I love your mac too, it looks lovely :) xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful bittersweet story. I always feel that forests have a magical feel about them :)
    Aaghhh! Those mittens again.......I've got to get some :d xx

  3. aw thank you for your lovely comments! Haha yeah....I will be living in them now for the next few months!!
    x x x

  4. Beautiful photos Fiona and I love your knitted headbands - gorgeous! x


    Zapraszam :)

  6. Hahaha zombie hooter girl? I don't know what that is but it sounds like something that should be done. That's such a sad story, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Those woods are lovely, that picture of the river is beautiful x

  7. Fiona, gorgeous photos! You look a beaut.x

  8. Beautiful photos, breath taking.


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