Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hello Aberystwyth...

Yesterday I went for a lovely road trip to Aberystwyth to see Carla (check out her blog Cute Minute Newt) I really love the charm of this beautiful seaside town and decided it was about time to pay another visit!
The weather in Wales is slightly unpredictable, and yesterday happened to be a rather warm day, and surprisingly people were swimming and sunbathing along the beach mid October! How bizarre is that...! We enjoyed a lovely walk along the sea front after a bit of shopping!! One of my favourite shops ever is Polly in Aberystwyth (which I've briefly mentioned in a previous blog post) If you ever get a chance to visit Aberystwyth, make sure you pop in there, and I will almost guarantee you will want to leave having bought the entire shop! I took some pictures for all of you to see because it's just so adorable! They happen to have three Polly shops in the town centre, each has its own cute style! My favourite sells jewellery, bath products and to die for stationary! I bought some lovely tea lights and scented candles because I couldn't leave empty handed! (I will post a picture of my purchases in another blog post!!)

After a lovely afternoon in the sun, we went back to Carla's flat. I painted her nails leopard print (and yes, I have now turned Carla into a leopard nails addict!! This look is just too adorable to resist, I am still obsessing!!)  We then went and had a lovely meal out followed by a long walk along the sea front!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!



  1. gorgeous photos Fiona! Love the nails too!
    Everytime someone puts up food photos, it instantly makes me hungry! xx

  2. ok yes I think I would actually buy everything in that shop! :) lovely blog x

  3. That Polly shop looks like my kinda shop!
    Gorgeous photos, looks like such a beautiful place to live - wish I could say the same for where I live! xx


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