Monday, 17 October 2011

Knitting Pattern

Recently, I've been telling you all about how I've got back into knitting and am currently really enjoying it. I find it as a form of relaxation in a way, and it's extremely satisfying. I'm overcoming my fear of knitting patterns (and their terribly intimidating abbreviations) 
The first step for me, was to get over these abbreviations and learn exactly what they meant, and how to do them. There are so many videos online showing different stitches and shortly after, I found myself feeling much better. I was debating whether to make a video or not, but to be honest, they are literally all over the internet!
The next step was to sit in front of a knitting pattern, scan it, see if anything bothered me (yucky confusing abbreviations or confusing stitches) Simplify it for yourself...Or even re write it yourself (I now have a little notebook which is full of knitting patterns, they're all basically simplified and I've re written them in a way I will easily understand) Once you have done this, grab a pair of needles, and give it a go! It seems terrifying sometimes (especially if you're new to all of it!) But in all honesty, it really isn't that bad!

In the next few weeks I am attempting to knit some more cute headbands, some wrist warmers and hopefully a tea cosy! (Seriously obsessed with anything tea related!) So this pattern is for my cute headband! I will actually be selling these at my Christmas fairs because they are fairly time consuming, and if you're not a big fan of knitting then buying them is probably the better option!! So goes....

You will need

Double Knit Yarn
Knitting Needles (I used a size 6)
Cable Needle (also a similar size to your knitting needles)

First of will need to cast on 13 stitches 
(If you're unsure how to cast on, there are plenty of videos online. I found the Video Jug ones really helpful. You can view it here)

Row 1
Knit 13 stitches

Row 2
Knit 2 - Purl 9 - Knit 2

Row 3
Knit 2 - Slip 3 onto your cable needle and place in front of your work (see 3rd picture) - Knit 3 from left needle - Knit 3 off your cable needle - Knit 5

Row 4
Knit 2 - Purl 9 - Knit 2

Row 5
Knit 13

Row 6
Knit 2 - Purl 9 - Knit 2

Row 7
Knit 5 - Slip 3 onto cable needle and place behind your work (see 4th picture) - Knit 3 - Knit 3 from cable needle - Knit 2

Row 8
Knit 2 - Purl 9 - Knit 2

Repeat this sequence until you reach your desired length!

I hope this hasn't been too confusing for you! If you get stuck with anything then leave a comment below and I'll always comment back!! If you're unsure of how to knit or purl, Video Jug have excellent tutorials! Finally....if you do attempt this please let me know how it goes!!
Good luck!



  1. I love knitting too. I find it so relaxing but also very addictive. This is the perfect sort of project when you feel the need to knit.


  2. Great post!!!*_*

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments :)
    x x x

  4. You've just reminded me I have a scarf half knitted in my drawer! Going to get it out and finish it before the cold really kicks in! Lovely blog :)


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