Saturday, 8 October 2011


Last night, I made the painful decision to go home after moping around all day (and probably going on my boyfriend's last nerve!) 
Today would have been my mum's birthday...
After a car accident 29 years ago, my dad had been left head injured, and so my mum gave up her job to become his full time carer. In terms of childhood, ours was the best. We had always been bubble wrapped by our parents love; we were never dumped on random relatives or friends to be looked after; my mum and dad well and truly dedicated their lives to us. We were all inseparable. 
When I was 16, my mum was diagnosed with cancer for the second time around. Being the little naive teenager I was, I always thought she would get better.
June 21st, 2006 was the last time I ever saw my mum. That horrible day where she could barely breathe.
The following morning, my dad received a phone call from the hospital to let him know of her increased deterioration over night. He, along with his brother rushed over to the hospital. Unfortunately, my dad never got there in time.
A few hours later, he returned home. He sat both me and my brother down on the sofa, held our hands, and cried
'She's gone.....'

My mum is my inspiration.
Happy Birthday



  1. Such a sad, but very heartwarming, post. Happy birthday to your Mum. I cannot imagine how you feel, but you have your memories and they'll be with you forever. xx

  2. I mirror everything Sophie said. My thoughts are with you. Happy birthday to your

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mam. I can't start to imagine everything you have been through. I hope your ok, my thoughts are with you today.


  4. Happy birthday to your mum, think of all the happy memories. Hope you're doing okay <3 x

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments today <3
    x x x

  6. Happy birthday to your mum and hoping you're okay, today must be hard for you <3


  7. Oh darling, you're so brave and this is an amazing thing to post. Hugs and kisses xxxx

  8. Happy birthday to your mum Fiona. Such a sad yet inspirational story! So so brave to! xx


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