Monday, 10 October 2011

My Knitting Challenge

This week, I gave myself a little challenge!! I wanted to learn how to knit cables by knitting some lovely head bands and wrist warmers!! My mum had briefly taught me how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off when I was young, so I did have some very basic knitting skills (just about!!) However, I was really surprised how easy knitting cables really is! I started off with this headband, casting on 13 stitches and managed to finish it the same evening!! I've even gone on to start another one and will hopefully be selling them at my Christmas fairs, so if you have any requests what you'd like me to knit, please let me know. I'm currently obsessed with greens and I'm sure I will be knitting plenty of blue headbands...!

This week, I would really love to knit :
A larger (and chunkier) headband! (cabled of course)
Some cabled wrist warmers/fingerless gloves!
Pretty bow head bands

I will get back to you soon with patterns also! And tutorials on how to knit cables! This is just a post to show you all my progress.

Hope you're having a wonderful day
(It's dark, windy, rainy and terribly miserable here in north Wales!!)



  1. Those are so lovely!! Good luck - I would love to be able to knit!
    George |

  2. Love your new layout, it looks brilliant, so pretty! Well done you on your knitting, I love the colour of the headband, it's lovely.

  3. I've totaly forgotten how to knit, makes me sad..x

  4. That headband is lovely, well done you :) I have totally forgotten how to knit as well so I'm looking forward to your tutorials and hopefully it will all come back to me! x

  5. Good work Fiona! love how you set yourself this little challenge, and actually stuck to it! The colours are different, but I really like them! Perfect for Autumn :-) xx

  6. Nice headband!

  7. These are lovely, will you be selling them online too? xXx

  8. Yes, I definitely will be when I've knitted enough of them :) x x x

  9. I LOVE THIS ! I would totally buy it if it was in the stores, uhhmazzingg. The whole ombre look is insane ! x

  10. o woweee!! this is so awesome!! well done!!! make moree!!! :)


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