Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Teacup Candles

Many of you have actually been asking whether I sell my teacup candles online, and the answer is yes I do! I have a couple of Christmas fairs coming up soon so I am super busy! I will be at:

Sheffield Christmas Fair (Sunday 13th November)
Cambrian Christmas Market Colwyn Bay (Friday 9th December)
Penygroes Christmas Fair by BBC Wales (Saturday 10th December)

Currently, these are the teacups I have available. After these, I probably won't be selling until after my last Christmas fair which is on the 10th of December (and those items will hopefully be all the things I have left over from the fairs, so you still have time to buy your Christmas gifts after that point. I am also hoping I will have a wider range by then too!)

Cute floral scented mini teacups
Both measure approximately 6cm height
(including postage + packaging)
I also have some of these without a saucer if you prefer that!!

Scented willow teacups
Measuring approximately 7-8cm in height
(including postage + packaging)
These do not come with a saucer.

Bone china rose teacup
Measures 8cm in height
(including postage + packaging)

Hand painted espresso candle in pink
6cm in height
(including postage + packaging)

Scented willow teacup candle
Measures approximately 8cm in height
(including postage + packaging)

I do have more teacups available but these are the ones I've done so far! If you like any of them, please comment below or alternatively email me at
Ideally I'd only want to sell one of each due to the fact I need some stock for my fairs!!! However, if you have a special request, then please let me know!

Thank you everyone, hope you're having a lovely day!!



  1. what a nifty idea, i love them!
    [ blog | twitter ]

  2. Aww theses are so lovely, I may have to buy one for my mum's christmas! xx


  3. Sheffield christmas fair!? I didn't think you'd be anywhere close to me, i'm definitely going to come down and purchase some of your lovely goods! xx

  4. Would love the first one, without the saucer :) xx

  5. Just love these, I bet they fly off your stall at the fairs. Good work :D

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments :)
    x x x


I love reading all your comments, they make my day!

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