Thursday, 13 October 2011

Things I Love This Week...

001 I've recently been using this bag a lot, especially this last week. I bought it around 4 years ago at a local charity shop for £1.50 ish! I love shopping at charity shops, I just absolutely love all the bargains you can find! Also loving their history and the fact that each item you look at in a charity shop has a story to tell (obviously you can make these stories up if you like, just to add some excitement to perhaps a little handbag that used to belong to a lovely old lady!!)

002 I'm still really obsessing over leopard print nails! I only just got my first ever nail art pen a few weeks ago, and ever since, I've been obsessed with creating this look because it's just so simple to do over and over again! I love experimenting using my lovely Models Own polishes. The quality of their polishes are rather fantastic, plus the don't chip that easily! I've been happily wearing my leopard look for days and it still looks super glossy and amazing!

003 Ahhh my recent charity shop find! I love vintage suitcases so much! This will be travelling to Christmas craft fairs with me as a loyal friend and a great way to carry all my goodies! I've been obsessing over suitcases for quite some time now, and after debating whether I should bid on a few on ebay (they were already on ridiculous prices with extremely high postage cost) I decided not to bid, and found this little beauty the following day. Now, I don't know much about luck.....but I was definitely lucky that day!

004 I recently treated myself to this lovely knit jumper from Motel using my 15% off voucher! I'm really glad I bought it since I've practically been living in it for the past few days! North Wales can be rather chilly, so I've been teaming it up with some skinny jeans, riding style boots and vintage scarves. This one in particular was bought from a charity shop a while ago!! Also I would like to thank Victoria from Lily Loves Lola for these lovely bracelets as a thank you gift for helping her out with some pics on photoshop! Her blog is absolutely gorgeous and I've spent many hours drooling over her beautiful photography, cute jewellery and those adorable pugs!!!
Thank you Victoria!

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far! I'm taking advantage of the fact it's no longer raining in north Wales by going out with my ever so faithful Canon this afternoon to snap some breathtaking views of mount Snowdon!!



  1. Thank you for the mention :) xx

  2. I love the leopard print nails, they look so good! i have the same obsession haha :) xx


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