Monday, 24 October 2011

Weekly Roundup

The other day, I went out and bought a cute fur stole/collar from H&M after seeing it making an appearance on many blogs! I had previously bought their faux fur mittens (I am so in love with them it's unbelievable!!) earlier that week! I'm really excited to team up my faux fur collar and mittens with some cute knits this winter (it's already freezing cold here in Wales!)
I teamed it up with some cute printed leggings and jumper dress from H&M over the weekend to keep myself warm!!

Last week our neighbour's cat came to say hello! She's really lovely and got a little bit excited to see us as we were giving her lots and lots of attention! I really wish we could have a pet of some sort in the flat but it's not really practical! We have plenty of space but unfortunately no back garden, just a big park behind us! I don't think we'd really get a cat, I think me and my boyfriend are dog lovers more than anything else!

Being at home has made me really appreciate the beautiful landscape here in north Wales. I literally wake up every morning to this beautiful view! Our house is fairly near mount Snowdon and we can see it through the window! The other morning, this is the view I woke up to, it was around 8am and the sun was rising beautifully behind Snowdon! I took the opportunity to go out in my car and take some beautiful pictures at Llanberis near Lake Padarn.

This week as always, my nail art obsession is still incredibly strong! I only happen to have my Models Own polishes with me, all the others have been left at the flat! When I visited my friends Carla and Lora last week, I transformed their nails with some cute leopard print designs! They both absolutely loved them and grew their very own nail art obsessions. Pictured above are some different coloured leopard print nails as well as Nude Beige teamed up with Juicy Jules for some weekend glamming up!
Does anyone else find that Juicy Jules can be a bitch to get off? JJ, I love the way you look, but damn you just don't want to come off do you?!

Llanddwyn is probably one of my favourite places to visit in north Wales. I went there with my dad last week to take some photographs of the forest (it was a bit too windy to take a walk along the beach and island!) I love the myth behind Llanddwyn, it's strangely beautiful and the magic of the forest and island is really unique and definitely worth a visit!

After I took a picture out of my window of the sun rising behind Snowdon, I knew that day would be a fantastic day to go to Llanberis and take some (hopefully) breathtaking photographs.
This is the picture I took. It actually started to rain as I was taking these photographs. But I loved how the sun was peeking through the clouds between both mountains.
One of the things I've loved the most about being home is being able to jump in my car, drive and land somewhere truly magnificent and breathtaking. I've spent days on end travelling with my Canon over the past few weeks!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I badly wanted to experiment with my hair last week! I felt the need to do something different with it for a change! So just to basically let you in on what my hair has been like over the past few years...I've always had blonde hair, and ever since I was 15 I've had blonde highlights in my hair. Gradually, I got more and more until my usual became a full head of blonde highlights! After years of being blonde, I went and dyed my hair dark brown a few years ago (total disaster for me....I have a naturally pale complexion and blue eyes, and I felt the dark hair made me look really ill!!) So I decided to go back blonde, gradually having more and more blonde highlights each time to build up the colour.
Stupidly.....last May I dyed my hair brown again after debating whether it would be easier to maintain than blonde! Currently, my hair is a medium-ish blonde. August I had some highlights put in, and I've had it done about twice since then.
So anyway, I've been wanting to try some pink or lilac dip dye hair...!! This was the result after putting some pale pink highlights in my hair! I came to the conclusion that unfortunately my hair was not blonde enough for this look! And although I applied the colour on my tips, it just didn't stand out at all! Sorry hair, but you'll have to wait a bit longer for your coloured tips!!
(The dye I used was La Riche Directions in Pale Pink)

Halloween is fast approaching and I haven't even done half the stuff I wanted to do in preparation for it! I wanted to experiment with some nail art designs for my Halloween weekend, along with some unique eye makeup and DIY party decorations!!
Unfortunately all I managed to do was munch on some fang-tastic sweeties instead!! I promise I will try and be more Halloween-ey this week, after all, it's a week today!! I intend to bake a Halloween inspired cake for my boyfriend's mum too!!
My boyfriend decided to book a train home in order to spend the weekend with me before going back to the flat next Sunday! So we have decided to have a meal out on Friday night with his mum, and head off to town for some drinky times/Halloween celebration on Saturday!
I can't wait!! But before that, I need to bake a cake + decorate it in true Halloween style and find an outfit for this weekend (two in fact!!) Wish me luck....

So anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Monday! If you have any suggestions what I should wear for Halloween, please let me know!!
Also, I'm thinking of hosting a blog sale, so let me know what you think of that!!



  1. I never normally celebrate halloween, but am quite excited for this weekend! I'm gonna go out and get drunk with my friends haha. I don't plan to get totally dressed up, but I was thinking about wearing this black dress with white peter pan collar and going as a kinda wednesday addams...complete with fake blood! I can never be bothered to find a costume, nor can I really afford it. You should go as a serial killer, stick loads of little cereal boxes onto you with loads of fake blood, haha!
    Halloween baking sounds fun, wish I had the time!

  2. I walked up snowdon this weekend !!! It was so much harder than I thought it would be! The north of wales is so much prettier than the south! You are so lucky! Lovely post!! x

  3. What a gorgeous view from your window, Wales is so pretty :) I'm not sure if I'm going to a party for Halloween, but if I do it'll have to be a low key cheap costume! xo

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments!!! Maybe I should do a Halloween costumes post!
    x x x

  5. That view is gorgeous! And I'm waiting until Friday until I can get a stole myself, they're so cute and go with most things - definitely can change an entire outfit!

  6. I think I'd really like one of these faux fur things... I think they look so chic! Wandered past one in H&M the other day too, I should have given one a bit of try-out in the mirror! lol

    Dayner x my blog -

  7. love the photos!
    I have a new blog, visit! :))


  8. Yes to the faux fur! Winnerrrr Fiona!
    And what a cute kitty! Your hair looks a beaut. And nailssssss haha love them as always! mwah x


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