Monday, 31 October 2011

Weekly Roundup

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you've had a really spook-tastic weekend!! It's weird to think we've already celebrated Halloween yet Halloween itself is today!! Ha...anyway....

These are the nails I decided on for Halloween!! I went shopping with the bf on Saturday and found these lovely transfers in Accessorize! They were however super fiddly to apply and ended up rather sticky! But for Saturday night, they looked lovely teamed up with Models Own Snow White!!!

Our pumpkins were rather hilarious this year! We went to Tesco on Friday and they only had two pumpkins left! (We always end up getting the last pumpkin for some reason!) Last year was the same! And of course....people leave the yucky looking pumpkins don't they! Ours were not the prettiest..... So the bf made the most of the giant hole one had and used it as a nose! He ended up looking rather Japanese!! 

My collection of sweeties (no, I didn't actually eat all of them myself!!) I used some of the sweeties in the liquorice allsorts bag as eyes on some chocolate cupcakes!! 

No, this was not my Halloween costume! But how lovely do I look?! Much better than the usual face.... (ahem!!)
This was my boyfriend's mask! Haha!! He looked rather hilarious in it, and he teamed it up with my fluffy devil horns....Even funnier! I wore a black body con dress with large shoulder pads, cat ears and some knee length kitty socks!!! I loved some people's costumes we saw Saturday night such as - LMFAO guys (these were amazing!!!) Little Red Riding Hood, Super Woman + Wonder Woman, Leopards and many more amazing costumes!! At least I have many ideas for next year!! I really want someone to have a costume party some time soon....I want to go as Lady Gaga from the Telephone video so I can put a telephone on my head....Ha!!

My cute looking pumpkin...!!

My mini home made pizzas! I want to make these again...they were lovely! I happened to share them with my brother last week..but I might make some for the bf some time this week! Since it's actually Halloween today, I'm tempted to put some decorations up while the bf is at uni and cook a lovely meal for tonight!!! Also I want to cook a home made lasagne some point this week!! Yum yum....!!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a really great time! What did you all go as??
As you all know, my first Christmas Craft Fair is a week on Sunday (13th November) at Sheffield!! If you're in the area, please come over and say hi (and maybe buy some goodies!!) I have a lot of work to do this week, so expect lots of candles/knitted items blog posts and a LOT of tea drinking!!
Let me know if you can come to Sheffield!!



  1. Your nails look amazing! All those sweets are making hungry, I wouldn't judge if you ate them all, I know I would ;) I really love your pumpkin, I think the japanese inspired one is a masterpiece :p Hope you have a lovely week xoxo

  2. Fiona, your nails are awesome! I love it! And how ace is your pumpkin.. your definitely getting into halloweeen, maybe i should next time x

  3. Aww thank you lovely ladies for your comments :) x x x

  4. Your nails look brilliant!! xx

  5. Oh wow the transfers look great! Haha have a gaga themed one, she's had enough outfits for everyone to do something different. I was a zombitch pirate haha x

  6. The nails look awesome, Fiona! Also love the pumpkins. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! x

  7. The nails are great! I wish I was more creative with mine... ;)

  8. Oh good lord, those pizzas look amazing! (as do your nails!) xxx

    The Londoner

  9. Loving the nails! :)


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