Thursday, 27 October 2011

What I Love This Week...

This week, I've really felt the cold here in north Wales!! On many nights it's actually been around two degrees...Freezing!! I like to keep myself warm with plenty of cups of tea, nice wooly jumpers and cute mittens!!
This week has been a fairly busy week so far! My boyfriend is catching a train home tonight so we can spend a lovely halloween weekend together back here!! I have to pick him up by seven and I'm not half ready yet! The halloween costume is still undecided (I have left it way too late this year!) So I think I'll be going with some patterned tights, a black dress and a witch hat!!
The first photo is of extremely adorable vintage teacups I found at a charity shop in Aberystwyth last week. They didn't have any matching saucers, but I bought these ones to go along with them and I think the combination is just adorable! I only managed to get two, so I think I will keep one for myself!!

I also visited my favourite shop ever while I went to see Carla at Aber! The shop is called Polly and the third photographs show my purchases! Some cute scented candles!! I am obsessed with candles, I spend my days making them too! I also have numerous amounts of oil burners around the house which I just love to use!!
This week I have been wearing my faux leather jacket from Primark a LOT! I love it! I had actually been looking for a leather jacket for what seemed like months, and finally I found one that fit perfectly for only £20!! Bargain! I've been teaming it up with winter knits and patterned tights as pictured above!! The mittens were also a fairly cheap find. They cost £7 from Peacocks (I never usually shop at Peacocks, but I happened to pop in last week and I fell in love with these mittens! They also have a cord which I love!)

As you can see, a shot of my hair there! Ha! I've had some pretty awful experiences with my hair lately, well...One in particular! I used to be a dark chocolate brown before dying my hair back blonde (I'm naturally a dark blonde, and have been blonde practically all my life, and yes it was a really stupid and quick decision to go dark!) Anyway, a while ago after I got my hair dyed, it was in absolute severe condition. I had literally gone from dark brown to a medium blonde within a few weeks! Ouch..! After that experience, I have always gone back to my original hair salon, and my hairdresser is absolutely fantastic, she recommended Sebastian Penetraitt shampoo and conditioner. I only bought the conditioner since they were around £14 each. But just as a quick recommendation, it's really fantastic! It's aimed at really damaged hair, and my hair desperately needed it! You only need the tiniest amount each time you use it, which is fantastic!!

Anyway....moving on to other things I absolutely love this week....Secret Diary Of A Call Girl! I am in love with Billie Piper, end of! I loved her in Doctor Who as well! I've bought the dvd's off ebay a while ago and watched the entire first series in a few days time! I loved it! 
I also popped to a local charity shop earlier today and randomly found the book for a pound! I had been wanting to buy it for a long time, but the cheapest I could find online was about £3. But I'm so excited to read it!
Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely week!
I will be off to the train station soon to pick up my boyfriend, so expect some Halloween inspired posts in the next two days!!



  1. I <3 your blog and your posts - you always seem so happy and enthusiastic, haha :)
    I love the mittens, too cute. Peacocks is a lovely shop, I buy quite a few things from there. x

  2. I love your mittens. Love leather jackets, got one in a market today as part of a 3 for £2!x

  3. Aw thank you both for your lovely comments!!! They've made my day!
    x x x

  4. I spy Bell de jour! haha! You LOVE it! An ace TV show! xx


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