Thursday, 6 October 2011

Whats In My Bag?

I always love reading about other people's lives... It's just a slight addiction to find out what they have been eating, what they wear, what's in their bags...! My boyfriend totally doesn't understand this desperate need to know however!!
Anyway, I decided to blog about 'what's in my bag' because I always love these posts! (Not that I have anything exciting or interesting in my bag!)
First of all, a picture of my bag! I've been using this bag a lot recently! It's like a little satchel bag from Primark (I think it was around £7 ish) I fell in love with it because of it's print, colour and just general size. I don't like to go for bags that are too big, because I can never seem to fill them with stuff (or I tend to over fill them with stuff I genuinely don't need to carry around with me!!)

I'm currently in love with this Hello Kitty glasses case (I bought mine here)
I don't usually carry perfume with me, but for some reason this was hiding in my bag! It's probably one of my favourite perfumes ever, along with Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Amor Amor by Cacharel and Touch of Pink by Lacoste (you can tell I love fruity perfumes!)
This one is Dolly Girl by Anna Sui (sorry dolly girl, you're looking a bit dirty!!)

I bought my purse at one of my favourite shops ever (Polly's in Aberystwyth - If you ever go to Aberystwyth, you have to visit Polly's! It's probably the cutest shop I have ever come across, and I could literally buy the entire shop....Which is not a good thing!)

Other than that, all I carry around is a bit of makeup and some vaseline and lip gloss (I hate it when my lips get all cracked up and dry!) Oh, and the ring... I have a habit of wearing rings, taking them off when they get annoying, then leaving them in my bag (this usually makes me forget about them and think I have lost them!) This one was £2.50 from Primark!

What's in your bag?



  1. i've actually been meaning to do that... good idea. c: you have almost nothing in your bag compared to me. lol. you dont carry a wallet? o.o
    [ blog | twitter ]

  2. Haha I know, I hate the weight on my shoulder! The purse is basically my wallet, I keep all my cards in there! And way too many receipts for my own good!
    x x x

  3. Haha, I'm exactly the same with rings - I'm forever taking them on and off whilst I'm out and then finding a collection of about 3 or 4 at the bottom of my bag weeks later! x

  4. I've got far too many things in my bag, I keep trying to have a clear out but things keep creeping back in.
    Besides the usual... purse, make up & diary I also have a sketch book (a tiny one) and pencil. I don't go anywhere without these.

    Jan :o)

  5. I love these posts too! That bag is really cute! :)

  6. Aw thank you for your lovely comments! I have lots of lovely treats coming up for you this week! :)
    x x x

  7. I love your glasses case and purse! xx

  8. i LOVE the glasses case, Hello Kitty rules! x

  9. OBSESSED with Hello Kitty! ha x x


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