Monday, 21 November 2011

Back To Black

Oh this past week has been so hectic! In fact this time last week I was still at the flat with my bf. Since then I have:
packed up all my belongings
drove back home
got back to work
been seriously lacking some sleep
went out with some friends
seen Breaking Dawn (omg eye candy)
have an incredibly long week of work ahead of me....

So yeah, that really sums up my week. Pretty hectic if you ask me!! I literally haven't had a minute to myself! I've constantly been doing something!
So anyway, on Saturday afternoon i popped to town with my dad and had a look in my local H&M store! I always love H&M for some cute bargains or some going out clothes.
I got a heart print blouse which is shown in the photographs above! It's super cute and I love the fact it has a zip at the back!
This is actually the outfit I wore last night to go and see Breaking Dawn! I already want to see that film again... I came home rather undecided about it actually. But in all fairness, it's a great film and the eye candy = amazing!
If you didn't know, I'm a really big Robert Pattinson fan....! My hopes for next year is to go to the London premiere! You only live once! Ha...!
So, who's coming with me?!!

So anyway, I'll list my clothes on here if you'd like to know where some of the items are from:

Black blazer jacket : New Look
Heart print blouse : H&M
Black skinny jeans : Charity shop (Topshop)
Snood scarf : Primark

Denim jeans : River Island
Tan leather belt : Primark

Horse print satchel : Primark

So, hows your Monday going so far? I got to finish work early since the cafe was really quiet. To be fair, who goes to a cafe at the beach this time of year?! I'm working enough this week as it is. No days off due to the fact I'm covering someone who called in sick....Boo!!
Having said that, I am looking forward to the extra pennies just before Christmas!!
We've put the Christmas tree up at work, I'm going to take a pic of it tomorrow to show you! It's so cute!
I literally can't believe it's almost Christmas already.....Where on earth has summer gone? September....October?! They've flown by!! It's insane!

Enough of my jibber jabber!



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  2. That blouse is a beaut, I've seen it around H&M and always smile at it (not literally. actually maybe literally!)
    Your week sounds incredibly busy, I too am going to sit down and do nothing - but then I always do that!

  3. I love how you've made black exciting, sometimes so much of it can look a bit drab. I *love* the bag!!!!


  4. Love your bag! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  5. i just found your blog and i love it! cant wait to see more posts! :) xx

  6. Great Outfit. :)
    Do you like follow each other? Let me know. It would be glad. have a nice day. :)


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