Thursday, 24 November 2011

Eighty Six

Literally ever since I came back home, I feel like I haven't had two minutes to myself!! I've been working extremely hard all week and it's slowly starting to get to me....!! I thought I would write a quick little blog post because my blog has been neglected, seriously sad times indeed...!

What I'm wearing...
I've been really into my faux fur these past few months. Especially with December quickly creeping up, I think it's perfect! I've been teaming it up with lots of black! I am literally obsessed with black, but I like to mix it up so it's not too drab! 
Black jumper dresses, shirts, blouses, leather biker jackets...You name it!
Here, I'm wearing my H&M faux fur stole along with my H&M black blouse + River Island denim shorts + hold ups from Debenhams! (I bought them for Halloween last year but never wore them!!)

Favourite perfumes...
I have three perfumes I wear all the time at the moment. Those three are:
Dolly Girl by Ana Sui
L'eau D'issey Summer by Issey Miyake 
Amor Amor by Cacharel
They all have a slightly fruity fragrance and those generally are the type I go for. I'm really hoping for some lovely perfumes off Santa for Christmas. I've ran out of Ralph by Ralph Lauren which is one of my faves!! I also love Nina by Nina Ricci! So sweet and has a gorgeous bottles! Don't you just love it when perfumes have cute bottles too?! They look great on my chest of drawers!

What I love to look at...
The cafe I work at is basically at the beach pictured above. This is Dinas Dinlle, around 15 minutes drive from Caernarfon in north Wales.
I really love this beach. It's a place I can always drive to in order to feel relaxed, take a friend for a long walk and chat... I just really love the place. There are certain bonuses to be working there. I love looking out of the window at work to see the sun beautifully setting over the sea. The beach however is beautiful no matter what. Even if it's pouring down with rain, I still remain in love with the place!

What I'm eating...
That sounds silly as I make it seem like I eat pizza each day! Ha! My brother and I ordered Domino's pizza online on Tuesday evening after a long day at work for myself, and a long day for him doing his Chemistry PHD! My eating habits have become rather strange since I don't really get a chance to eat much during the day. I get up at 6am and can't really face food at that time....And since I'm working hard all day I don't get a minute to sit down and eat!
Over the weekend I'm going to buy lots of fruits because I have a slightly neglected smoothie maker sitting in the kitchen that needs some love!! I absolutely love making my own smoothies! I used to be obsessed with making them over the summer. Look out for some recipes up here soon!!

Keeping warm by...
This photo makes me laugh because of the wonky thumb! Ha!! I love winter because I love to keep myself warm with many layers of clothing and accessories! (My boyfriend would tell you all about it)
These cute mittens on a cord were a recent purchase from Peacocks. (I never really shop there, but when I saw these, I just had to have them + they were the only pair left!)
When it comes to bedtime, I am known for sleeping in many many layers + I love to wear thick socks for bed!! I can't wait to start using my hot water bottle again, which will come out very soon I'm sure!

What I'd like to be doing...
Instead of working non stop, I'd love to be spending some quality 'me' time, get started on some Christmas shopping, and also crafting!
I really do miss it. I haven't done anything creative probably in the last week (it sounds terrible, but I literally haven't had the time)
I have promised a few of you that I would post pics of some items up for sale on here soon, so I'm hoping to get that done over the weekend!! So if anyone is interested in buying some hand made goodies this Christmas, keep your eyes peeled! 

I hope you're all having a less stressful week than I am!
I'm also trying to reach the 200 followers mark very soon in order to host another blog giveaway! 

Hope you're all ok!!



  1. Love faur fur too! Looks really chic :-)

    Amazing mittes too heehee

    Dayner x my blog -

  2. I'm loving faux fur too! And that outfit is really lovely!
    Amor Amor is also one of my faves :) My bottle's running out though! xx

  3. love the fur in the first post!!


  4. I could SO eat a dominos right now. Chicken, bacon and jalepenos please!
    Love your outfit in the first picture, faux fur is perfect for these horrible cold days



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