Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Extreme Knitting

In preparation for my first Christmas Craft Fair of this year, I have bought some 'extreme' knitting needles in order to create beautiful chunky knits. Although my needles haven't arrived yet, my cable ones have (which is what I've been using for the past few days to knit with instead! Ha!!) 
So far, I have created some cute cowl scarves (which I still need to photograph on me so you can see what they look like!)
These will be available to buy at my craft fairs. However, if you are unable to come, I have just set up an Etsy shop to see how things will sell on there, you can view my shop here.
I am also going to be listing a few things up on my Folksy shop too...... In desperate need of money, it's getting absolutely ridiculous, poor suffering bank account (will get on to this point in a second)

Please let me know what you think of both shops! Otherwise, I hope to see some of you at the Sheffield fair this Sunday (seriously not at all prepared + with everything else going on my head is an absolute mess!)

Anyway, it's all been a bit hectic these past few days. Yesterday, I arrived home after almost three and a half hours of a journey home due to traffic... I was exhausted, in serious need of sleep, yet had lots to do! Anyway, I popped over to see Lora (who's also selling at Sheffield on Sunday) to discuss a few things before heading out for my brother's birthday meal! It was lovely! And he loved his presents too (some silly t-shirts and chocolates!!)
I've spent today knitting and getting on with my craft fair ideas along with some general stressing out! I basically double checked my bank balance (god knows why, because I seriously regret it!) And instantly felt beyond sick....Living in a flat with the bf with no job over there is serious business, and my bank account is seriously suffering because of it. Since I'm not selling much work at the moment, I have to consider moving back home and beg for my old job back.....Here goes nothing! Seriously depressing times ahead.....!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very nice Tuesday, and you're not as stressed out as I am!!
Will post some more knitting pics up soon!



Hair day tomorrow...!!!


  1. Those are proper big needles, I love them!! teehee!

    Your fair will go wonderfully, I'm sure of it. It'll all come together, love!
    Going to check out your shops now :D xx

  2. It will be ok Fiona-things will pick up and it wont be long till the moneys come rolling in! x

  3. Aw thank you both for your lovely comments! Oh, I hope not!! :)
    x x x

  4. Your bow headbands are adorable! I'm sure you'll sell lots of your lovely products at your fairs - are there any regular craft markets where you live that you could do? And had you thought about setting up a facebook page for your business? (if you haven't already!) I get lots of orders for my jewellery from there :) xx

  5. Your knitting looks amazing, I have been trying to knit myself a scarf but it's taking a long time haha x


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