Friday, 18 November 2011

Fiona Says Relax...

I often find myself worrying over the smallest of things. In fact, I always find out that worrying gets me no where. It is just a mere human reaction to certain situations...
I am currently trying to help myself out by discovering methods of relaxation and experiment with different techniques and products.

These are just a few things I like to do in order to relax or just to pick myself up....

I have recently been listening to soothing nature sounds via YouTube and have even downloaded a few. Some sites offer free downloads so you can pop them on your ipod/itunes/cd! In fact, just about anywhere! I find them better to listen to through headphones as you can close your eyes and truly relax as opposed to listening to it whilst being able to hear other noises too! Since I really love spending my time at the beach, many sounds I've downloaded are water based (river, ocean waves, rain) One of my favourites is this one here.
Whenever I find myself worrying over something, or when I start to worry, I simply put this on, close my eyes and relax.....!

Develop a positive mental attitude. Shift your view on life so that you find stressing or worrying a waste of time. I spend 99% of my time worrying over things. I'm generally an over thinker. I think things through way too much for my own good.
The more I actually think about life itself, it's far too short to be spent worrying. For all the times I've worried, I have gained nothing whatsoever. 

Make sure you surround yourself with the things you like. You'd be surprised how much happier it can make you. As you all know, I love to spend my time baking. In fact I get something out of it, it makes me really happy inside. The eating part, I usually leave my Dad to that! 
I try and bake a few times a week if possible. Try and dedicate some time to the things you love. It could be anything. Watch one of your favourite movies, knit, take some photographs, bake.... Spend time doing the things you love!!

Often, to cheer myself up, I paint my nails! I love creating cute designs so whenever I look at my hands, it makes me smile! Currently I am loving sparkly nails (and since my nail art pen has clogged up) this is one of the only options I have available at the moment!! Whenever I'm at work, I simply look down at my sparkly nails and smile! I also get loads of compliments on my nails (it's as if people from north Wales have never seen nail polish in their lives!!) But that also makes me smile too!!
(I have on my nails at the moment- Lilac from Barry M with Juicy Jules by Models Own)

Candles can be extremely soothing.... I am extremely obsessed with candles (so obsessed that I actually make them myself too!) I have about five different oil burners that I use frequently too. Probably the best (or one of my favourite) oil to use is lavender. It's meant to soothe, and I find it works well in the evening just before bedtime! There are many oils to choose from, and I have a million! I also want to invest in a de-stress oil to put in my oil burner (if I do, I'll pop a review up to let you know if it works or not!)
Making sure you absorb the fragrance is extremely important since it forces you to breathe deeply which is extremely good during stressful times. I always force myself to breathe as deep as possible when I'm feeling stressed. The inhale feels fantastic, exhale = not as satisfying....Which makes you inhale deep again!!
(I bought a very large bottle of lavender oil off ebay for around £4 which was a complete bargain, since small bottles cost around £1-£2 and never last long!!!)

Anything with a cute, inspirational message is always good. I love this cute pillow from H&M, a perfect way to wake up!! I've also painted some old photo frames with blackboard paint so I can write some cute messages and hang them up on my walls!
Your bedroom or living space is also extremely important. I'm no feng shui expert, but a cozy and relaxing living space can make you feel a thousand times better. 
Invest in some good quality scented candles, oil burners and even incense sticks to fill your space with calming fragrances too.

A good book is also an extremely fantastic way to get your mind off things. I love finding bargains at local charity shops. In fact, I got my Call Girl book for only a £1 at my local Oxfam! Wondering whether to invest in a kindle or not (or possibly ask sweet little Santa) but I think I would miss the feeling of owning a book, or buying a new book, opening it up and smelling the freshness of the pages....Hmmm!

Retail therapy is also extremely good in most situations..... It can make you feel good instantly. Although shopping does have its down sides. For example over spending or extremely busy shops. To avoid these issues, I tend to go shopping early morning to avoid the busyness. I also love bargain hunting at local charity shops. I once bought an entire outfit for £8.50 including skinny Topshop jeans, a cardi, white jumper and a bag!! You'd be surprised what you can find in there!!

Other things I do...

I love to watch something hilariously funny. It often picks my mood right up. Usually I watch Family Guy, Michael Mcintyre or Lee Evans (he's my fave...I find him incredibly funny. Even though I have probably heard all of his jokes by now, they always remain hilarious!)

I love to spend time with my friends or family.

I love having something to look forward to. A birthday, an event, a day out, a shopping trip..... This often helps me get through hard times at work too!

I love wearing my cosiest pyjamas, snuggle up under my duvet with a big hot water bottle, and catch up on some well deserved zzzzzzzzzz's!!

What do you do to pick yourself up? Do you find yourself worrying over the smallest of things?



  1. I worry far too much aswell, I'm always up until 4 in the morning worrying over nothing. If I could bake or paint my nails like you I'd do that too. I have the same family guy method, my boyfriend has all the dvds and always lends me them & I'm reading lord of the rings as it's huge haha.x

  2. Your nails are amazing! Next time I need to cheer myself up I might try these :) x

  3. Just stumbled across your lovely little blog :) snap with the background! This list was quite inspiring to read, I'm always worrying over the smallest thing which often turns out to be..nothing. I agree most with point two though, it always helps me to think positive! Now following you sweet :) xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies!
    Keep up with the 'no stressing'!!
    x x x

  5. loving the nailpolish colour:)

  6. I'm a worrier.
    I think it's best to break things into smaller pieces in the mind it stops me worrying over the big things.

  7. I really love this post Fiona! I worry all the time and it drives me crazy because I don't know how to relax! I'll definitely try some of your tips, thankyou :) xoxo

  8. those nails are amazing! I always paint my nails to make myself feel better but I'm not as good as you at it!
    lovely blog :)


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