Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Life From A Suitcase

I have been seriously behind it with blog posts and tweets this week! Usually I blog like mad! But this week instead, I have been crafting instead....
I have my first Christmas Craft Fair at the Sheffield Millennium Gallery this Sunday (which I'm super excited about, however, slightly stressed) Pictured above are my latest creations - super chunky knit cowl scarves! They are super warm! I might knit one for myself too!!
After my craft fair, items will also be available to buy online via my Folksy or Etsy store. Or if you'd like a custom made item, please contact me at

Today, I'm going out for lunch with a friend to catch up, then heading off to see Lora to pick up her work before heading off back to the flat tonight.
I'm currently lounging around in my Gap jean leggings and Topshop cardigan!
(I always tend to lounge around, seeing the minutes tick by when I have a million and one things to do! I blame it on the fact I'm too much of a thinker. I think things through even when there's no need to....!)

I'm feeling slightly more optimistic today about everything.... (so far at least) I'm hoping to sell lots and lots at Sheffield + I have been offered a few hours at work back home for the time being. I think I will probably do that up until Christmas and see if things get slightly better financially...!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!
I'm now off to pack my car ready to go back... I literally feel like I'm living my life out of bags and cases at the moment. My stuff are scattered everywhere. Home, flat, car, bags.....!

Anyway, I will see some of you on Sunday!

Have a nice day



  1. Fiona, these scarves are just beautiful! They look so toasty warm :)

    You must knit pretty fast, it'd take me an age to knit these. I watched a you tube video recently of the worlds fastest knitter, my goodness her hands were a blur! hehehe! :D xx

  2. I had to comment again just to say the word verification for my last comment was "Mothpoo" Bahhhahaaaaa! :D xx

  3. I'm so jealous of your knitting skills, good luck with the craft fair.x

  4. The scarfs are beautiful. Good luck with your craft fair.
    BTW what did you have done to your hair in the end?? xx

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)
    Abi - I just went a bit blonder for this time, so tempted to put some lilac on the ends myself. But I'd probably have to go blonder to do that!
    I'm hoping for 'white blonde'!
    x x x


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