Friday, 11 November 2011


Today has been an extremely busy day consisting of packaging my work, labelling and price tagging!! I love packaging so much....! My love for all things stationery is unreal!
Lora is arriving tomorrow night, and I'm super excited for her to come over! I'm currently in the middle of cleaning the flat, and arranging her little bed and our 'movie watching space' for the night.

So anyway, this is a little sneak peek of what I will have on offer this Sunday at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield! I have packaged my teacup candles into cute gift wrapped boxes (I quite liked the idea of an 'instant gift')
I've also finished all my tin candles, cowl scarves and knitted headbands!

I want tomorrow to be a super relaxing day, so I've made sure I've finished almost everything today! I know Sunday will be super stressful. We have 30 minutes to set up our stalls before the Christmas Market is open to the public (I'm hoping for the best!!!)
On top of that, we need to get there, find somewhere to park and get all our stuff out the car as fast as possible!!
I also need to plan an outfit....I always love to plan outfits, but this time, I literally have no idea what to wear!! I think it will be between my Motel denim shirt skater dress + H&M faux fur collar.... Or skinny jeans + Motel stripy crop jumper... Or black shorts + polka dot tights with leopard pumps and my Motel jumper....
What do you think??

Wish me luck for Sunday.
I probably won't be online much tomorrow or Sunday!
Let me know if you're coming to Sheffield!



  1. I wish I could come!:( Sadly I don't live near any of your sites. You should come down the south of wales!!! x

  2. I'm so jealous i won't be able to be there! There's so much of your work i want (: It's all looking beautiful!
    With regards to outfit, think of what you'll be most comfortable and confident in!

    Hope it goes amazingly! I've given the details to my Sheffield friend, so she might pop in!


  3. Denim skater dress and stole, as long as you wear the faur fur stole.
    Don't let it be stressful, enjoy it girl and good luck have fun!x

  4. Oh my, the boxes you've put the candles in look so lovely! That would definitely tempt me enough into buying one - although I'm sure I'd be tempted anyway, they're so gorgeous. Good luck with your craft fair :D x

  5. The packaging looks lovely! I also love packaging, it makes things so much fun :) I hope you get some much needed R&R!


  6. The packaging is super lovely, i have such an unhealthy obsession with stationary too! x


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