Saturday, 5 November 2011

Take A Bow

So these past few days, I have been super busy preparing for my first Christmas Market of this year which is at the Millenium Gallery, Sheffield on  Sunday the 13th of November (a week tomorrow!)
I'm really excited since my friend Lora is coming along also! She's selling her stunning jewellery too!! You should definitely take a look at her work!
I still have lots and lots to do before a week tomorrow, including lots more knitting, candle making, and experimenting with my new 'extreme' knitting needles which I'm expecting through the post early next week. I will be an extremely busy bee next week (since I'm actually popping home too for my brother's birthday and an orthodontist check....)
If you unfortunately can't make it to any of the following craft fairs and would like to purchase anything from me, please contact me at
(Please be aware that I might take a while to process your order due to being super busy at the moment!)
I will also post up pics of my entire work soon and prices!

My work will be at the following events:

Christmas Fair at Bangor University
Friday 9th of December

Cambrian Christmas Fair
Colwyn Bay
Friday 9th of December

Penygroes Christmas Fair
Saturday 10th of December

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Tonight I'm cooking a lovely home made lasagne and chilling out with a cute dvd since I've practically been working overtime!!
I will make sure I post the recipe up here for you!



  1. I LOVE the bow [LOVE LOVE LOVE!] - definitely gonna commission you to make me one :D xx

  2. I'll be seeing you in sheffield ;D xx

  3. asif you knitted these! i love the bow headbands, so so SO amazing x

  4. Love these <3 love you :D x

  5. Awww! The bows are a triumph! What a beautiful colour too! :) xx

  6. These are so sweet!!! And such nice colours

  7. Cute headbands! Good Luck with the fair! xx

  8. Great post and cute headband!! thumbs up!!


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