Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekly Roundup

Last night I made a lovely vegetable lasagne using Quorn mince (I used to be a vegetarian for years, I still don't eat a lot of meat unless I am forced to! I used to be extremely anaemic, and still have to take lots and lots of iron vitamins!)
This lasagne was made by using Dolmio's tomato lasagne sauce, a tin of ratatouille, some frozen vegetables and egg lasagne sheets - baked in the oven on 180 degrees for approximately 45-50 minutes, topped with delicious mature cheddar cheese = a lovely lasagne meal!!

I found out there was a bonfire event fairly local, including some cute handmade crafts stalls.... Unfortunately, we're trying to save every penny possible, and since it did cost quite a lot, we decided not to go! Last night, we decided to stay in, watch some telly, and fill our bellies with lots of warm food instead! We watched some fireworks in the park behind out flat and these are the pictures I managed to snap quickly! I love the green-blue flash I managed to capture (it reminds me of something out of Harry Potter!! Ha!)

A week today, I will be selling my work at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield! The doors are open between 11- 4 ish and to my knowledge, entry is free. So if you're around please come over and say hi! This photograph is of Lora's work (she will be sharing a stall with me!) She's one of my close friends from home, we met on an art course we did a few years ago. Since then, she went on to study at Loughborough University and now produces stunning jewellery from her little workshop at home! This necklace is one of the pieces I've had my eye on! I think I will have to put a little order in before Christmas when I have more pennies!

Halloween has been and gone, and I wish I had made more of an effort! I saw some amazing costumes while we were out on Saturday night (and I've noted them down and at least have cool ideas for next year!)
We were back at the flat on Sunday and so I decided to light some candles and pumpkins on Monday! I have a slight obsession with candles (as you know....) Not only do I spend my time making them, but I also love lighting them, looking at them, smelling them, even buying them!! I love candles....!

When I got back to the flat, I was surprised with a few gifts my boyfriend had been buying me over the past few weeks! He bought me a really cute Kipling bag (which I had my eye on for a while!) Some winter jumpers and cute t-shirts! The jumper I'm wearing in the photo is one of the items he bought me, it's a cute cable knitted fluffy jumper dress from Primark! I am also loving the cute fox satchel bag which I bought a while ago now off ebay (it came all the way from Hong Kong!)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far? Sunday for me is always a bit of a lazy day! I like to spend it lounging on the sofa watching a good film! Although this weekend, I'm going around the place like an absolute lunatic! I have so much work to do before next Sunday, it's unreal! So today will be spent knitting like crazy, preparing tags and cute stuff and packaging my work! Sometimes I wish I had more hands! Like some octopus woman!!
Tomorrow, I'm popping home as it's my brother's 25th birthday (can't believe he's 25! Then again, I still can't believe I'm 23 next!) We're going out for a lovely family meal tomorrow night which will be lovely! I'm working on Tuesday to earn some extra pennies and then I'm sorting out my hair on Wednesday (I always love getting my hair done! This time I'm hoping to go a lot lot blonder so I can experiment with some crazy colours!!)
What do you think I should do with my hair??



  1. Mmmm the lasagne looks and sounds yummy! I'm a vegetarian so would be interested in the recipe! I made a lovely little vegetarian shepherds pie for myself last night, it was delish :) xx

  2. The lasagne sounds lovely. Think your saturday night sounds lovely and I love the firework pic. Not sure what to suggest on your hair but you should do a hair inspiration post so we can get an idea of what styles you like :) x


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