Monday, 14 November 2011

Weekly Roundup

So much has happened this week, and I haven't really had a chance to blog/tweet much over these past few days! Apologies as this blog post is also a tiny bit late!
This was me on Friday night packing up my things ready for the Christmas Craft fair at Sheffield Millennium Gallery. I wanted to get all my stuff sorted before the arrival of my lovely friend Lora on Saturday!
An update as to how the fair went - It was really awful in fact... It was such a shame because we'd had a nice night on Saturday and when we arrived at Sheffield on Sunday morning, things were going well. However, the turnout on Sunday at the fair was rather disappointing, and most were just there to browse rather than to buy. I didn't manage to sell a thing which was extremely awful and heartbreaking for me. Not to worry, onwards and upwards. I will actually be selling a few things via my blog if you'd like to buy an unique Christmas gift for anyone! Otherwise, please feel free to contact me at:
If you'd like anything custom made!

Yesterday, we arrived at Sheffield and randomly parked absolutely anywhere that would be fairly close to the Millennium Gallery. Anyway, we entered this 'futuristic space ship' of a car park, and as we got higher up the building, we actually noticed we were inside the 'cheese grater!!!'
It was an extremely hilarious yet 'omg this is way too cool for us country bumpkins' moment!! I just had to take a picture of it!

So much has actually happened this last week, it's unreal! I went home on Monday afternoon because it was my brother's birthday! We went out for a meal that night and I baked him an apple and blackberry pie!
He had recently been on a shopping/football trip to Liverpool and found an independent store selling cereals such as Lucky Charms!! We had a bowl on Monday night, and it reminded me of the ones we had when we were little but they had a little space man on the front (I literally can't remember the name now!) But they used to have marshmallow bits in them like Lucky Charms! So nice.....!!

Last week I had been knitting like crazy! And even ordered some 'extreme knitting needles.' It's such a shame I didn't sell a single thing at the fair yesterday. Along with bad financial times, I have come to the conclusion (along with the bf) that I will have to go home and work at least up until Christmas just to make the bank account slightly happier...
In fact I got a text off the owner of the cafe I used to work at, basically saying they're struggling as one of the people who used to work there has just quit.. At least I'll be working a few days a week to earn some extra pennies to help myself out a bit! In fact, they're struggling for this Thursday and Friday, so I will have to pack my stuff today and tomorrow, and make my way back home to north Wales....
I love helping people out, and she sounded so thankful! So that's made my day!

Lora at Sheffield yesterday! We were both so amused by the cute little fountains near the Winter Garden/Millennium Gallery!! 
Lora wore a cute cream lace dress with Topshop ankle boots and this gorgeous caramel coloured coat! I wore my Motel denim shift dress with a H&M faux fur stole, some rose printed tights and ballet pumps from Primark!

Just a little photograph to show you how the cowl scarves I knitted look like on! Hopefully I will have more luck at the next fair which is at Colwyn Bay in north Wales on the 9th of December. So if anyone happens to be in north Wales, please pop over and say hi!! The same day, Lora will be selling some of her work and mine at the Christmas Fair at Bangor University! 
Then we've got a little fair at Penygroes near Caernarfon on Saturday the 10th of December which is covered by S4C.

I hope you've all had a really nice week and lovely weekend! I'm off now to pack my stuff and put them in my car ready to set off tomorrow afternoon.... Sad times, but it has to be done!



  1. Awwww :( Fiona I feel so sorry that you didn't sell anything, but it's not at all unusual.
    At my very first fair years and years ago I didn't sell one single thing either. I was with my mum and we sat there ALL day and lots of people looked but nobody bought anything. We were actually out of pocket due to the amount of tea we had to drink to keep warm, it was that cold in the venue!!
    When we got back to the car, we just looked at each other and started laughing hysterically, we couldn't believe all the effort we'd gone to for nothing!
    Don't give up, love, pick yourself up and carry on! :D xx

  2. I love your new header. That's a shame, I'm sure you will get lots sold over here. I can never find lucky charms anywhere. You're always baking I'd love to see the recipie for the apple and blackberry pie x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)
    x x x


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