Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekly Roundup

I haven't really been up to anything 'extremely' interesting this week... My week has mainly consisted of working and feeling extremely tired! I'm not used to this getting up early business! For work, I have to get up around 6am in order to shower, get dressed and be at work by 8! This week, luckily I only have two early mornings. Otherwise I'm not in until 12! It's been hard to go places and take some piccies because by the time I get home, it's starting to get fairly dark. So instead, this last week I have been taking some photographs of what I have been wearing! This outfit in particular was something I threw on after work one night.
The jumper is a recent H&M purchase! The dress is also H&M but I got it absolutely years ago! And of course the stole is from H&M too! I only just noticed all of what I'm wearing came from there! Ha!
I find H&M can be rather annoying at times. I was there yesterday and saw these gorgeous leather look leggings for only £10, however they only had one and it was a size 6... It was just randomly placed between two black dresses and they had no more in stock....! Grrr...

This is a photograph of Dinas Dinlle, and I am extremely lucky to be working at a cafe there. I think it's one of those places I love to go to when I'm feeling down, or need some time to reflect on things.
Recently, I've been downloading nature sounds in order to relax myself. I find it works extremely well for me! 

Cheering myself up with some glitter nail polish by Models Own! Especially when work gets a bit much I like to look down at my nails and go 'awww nice!!!' Ha that sounds silly but it works! 
I'm looking to buy some de-stress oil to use on my wrists and neck. I've also seen some to use in oil burners, and since I'm a huge fan of them (I probably have five or six around my bedroom) I'm thinking why not! I might pop up a review if I decide to buy some!!

This was me earlier today before going to the cinema to watch.......wait for it.........Breaking Dawn!!! Now, I'm sure many of you have been to see it! But for those of you who haven't, I won't spoil anything!  It was rather odd for me personally, although I did really like it. I've read the books and really loved them and obsessed over them for absolutely ages. Definitely a must see film! I just want to see the next one now.....! I will be sad when it's all over though... It's like when Harry Potter ended :( sad times!
I wore my new H&M heart print blouse (need to take a pic of this and put it up here!!)
A New Look black blazer I bought absolutely ages ago!
Skinny jeans from River Island
Snood from Primark
and last but not least, my cute horse print satchel bag also from Primark!!

We stopped at Pizza Hut before the film. In fact, we were meant to see an earlier showing, but it was fully booked! So instead, we went to Pizza Hut to waste some time before a later showing. We decided to share a half and half pizza with stuffed crust. Even though I only had a few slices, I feel like I am done for the entire week now!!! No more food needed for a long time. 

I've been loving this combo lately! I bought these Topshop skinny jeans from a charity shop for £2! The jumper is from Motel and the fur collar was from H&M I think absolutely ages ago!! 

Anyway, that's me done! Sorry for the slightly boring blog post! I'm aiming to do lots more interesting things over next week despite the fact I'm working quite a lot!!
I hope you've all had a lovely week + weekend! If you've seen Breaking Dawn, what did you think of it?? I'd love to know!!!
Robert Pattinson = seriously yummy...! 



  1. That's too early to get up, I hate getting up in the mornings. Yeah my h&m is the same, there is so much crammed in and it isn't organised. That's such a great charity shop find x

  2. Glad you enjoyed Breaking Dawn! I want to see it again!
    Love those topshop jeans, what a bargain :D You have a bloody gorgeous figure btw!! x


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