Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas On A Budget : Simple Gifts

Part One

Are you looking for a special gift but your bank account is just plain and simply screaming 'noooooo'?? 
Or perhaps you're looking for that last minute gift idea....
We all know Christmas can be an expensive time of year for all of us, and so to avoid a suffering bank account, I have come up with some cute Christmas ideas on a budget! There's a lot of recycling involved (don't ever underestimate your local charity shops! The things you can find in there are pretty amazing!!) And there's also lots of baking and crafting on an extremely low budget!
(All gifts here are under a £5 to make!)
 There's something for everyone here (I hope!) So take a peek....

Sweeties in a mug!
Everyone likes a Christmassy mug right? Well, I found these at a local charity shop for 20p each. I have seen some at Home Bargains too for 39p if you can't find any! Alternatively, you can use some empty jam jars too! You can fill them with absolutely anything as an instant Christmas gift! Chocolates, home made fudge, soap, mini bath bombs, tea lights or candles...The list is pretty much endless!
I'm going to fill mine with some yummy chocolates. I managed to grab these little bags for 99p from a sweet shop in Liverpool.

cost per mug = £1.19 (approximate)

Baked beauties
Baking can be so much fun! So why not bake for your friends and loved ones this Christmas? Ingredients can be so cheap to buy and last a long time too!
Why not bag some home made biscuits and give to loved ones? I made some cute gingerbread last weekend and gave them out to friends! If you're incredibly last minute with your gifts, then this option is a fantastic idea!!
You could also make some card boxes and fill with cupcakes, home made fudge, chocolates or some yummy mince pies! The list is also endless for this one!! And I'm pretty sure almost everyone likes a bit of mince pie, gingerbread or some Christmassy cupcakes!!
According to Delia online, the cost of making mince pies is £2.27

cost per mince pie = 9p (approximate)

003 & 004
Candles and oil burners
Ok, so if you're looking for a really unique Christmas gift, specifically for a woman, then we tend to like nice smelling things... Bath bombs, soaps or candles. It's probably typical to get festive scented candles, but why not jazz it up a little? Hand made candles are fairly easy to make, and if you have the time and patience, they can make great unique gifts. You can make a candle in lots of different things. Try using some second hand teacups, empty tin cans or even jam jars. You can add some ribbon, nice tags and some sparkly bits to your candles too!
Candle wax pellets or beads can be purchased cheaply online for approximately £8 per kilo. 
You will also need some candle wick which you can coat yourself with wax, along with some wax dye and fragrance if you choose so. 

cost per candle = £3.00 (approximate)
This obviously depends how much you want to spend on a vintage teacup, cute looking jar or any other fancy materials you'd like to use for your candle making! But they can be very cheap to make!

Alternatively, if you don't have time to make your own candles, or just simply can't be bothered, then how about searching your local charity shops for some oil burners?
Anyone like me would think this is the perfect Christmas gift! Two pictured above are charity shop finds.
The one on the far left was picked up for £2, and the heart oil burner was just 50p!! 
You could box them nicely along with some tea lights and fragrance oil too for the perfect gift set!

cost per box set = £4.00 (approximate)
This also depends on how much you'd like to spend on the oil burner itself, and the cost of your tea lights and fragrance!

For part two of the Christmas on a budget, I will be making some:
 rice heat packs and salt body scrub
hand knitted gifts
(which is a bit more on the crafty side!!)
So keep a look out for that post coming up some time over the weekend!!

Happy Christmas crafting everyone!



  1. What wonderful ideas! And such a good price too! :D xx

  2. These are all so lovely! I fancy a go at some tea cup candles, they look so much more expensive!

  3. Such lovely ideas, I love the mugs x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments :)
    x x x


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