Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend, I got most of my Christmas shopping sorted. In fact, I think I only need something for my dad, bf and the bf's mum!! Otherwise I think I'm all sorted!!
It's so incredibly hard to post on here without giving too much away! I went into Lush after seeing Fleur De Force's video featuring the 'Melting Snowman' and thought they were absolutely sweet! They smell incredibly delicious, but unfortunately I only came home with two...!! 

My brother showed me a really cute shop in Liverpool, and unfortunately I can't remember the name, but if you're familiar with Liverpool then it's down the left just before you get to Lush (fairly near the Boots store!)
Anyway, the shop is super cute and sells American cereals and super cool sweets including Wonka's 'Nerds'...Do you remember those?! I used to love them!! You must look out for the till if you go there, it pings with every sale! So adorable!!
I picked up a few bags of sweets to put in jam jars as Christmas gifts for 99p each!

My painted jam jars (these will be filled with yummy treats!!)

Ahh those gorgeous Melting Snowmans..!! I can't stop smelling them. They are absolutely delicious! Maybe Santa will bring me my very own Lush treats! (I hope)

My dad brought home some yummy Innocent smoothies so I can fight off this yucky food poisoning and get some vitamin c in me!! I love Innocent in general, I love how they taste, I love their packaging, advertisements, I love Innocent!! I've been trying to find a cute bottle with a knitted hat for absolutely ages now, but they seem to be out of stock in the Boots stores I have visited...Booo hooo!!
Anyway, I decided to make my own egg cosy/Innocent hat!!
I will be giving these as Christmas gifts along with a vintage egg cup and hand made egg candle!!
If you'd like to purchase a little egg cosy, please let me know!!

I hope you've all had a lovely week!!



  1. super wonderful things for winter and christmas :) your blog is so sweet so now following!!


  2. oh yummy! that smoothies hat cracks me up! such a cute idea!

  3. I love Lush, I will definitely be stocking up on goodies for people there and hoping for some in return! :p xx

  4. I love thee idea of sweets in a painted jam jar as a gift I may do that x


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