Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Festive Weekly Roundup : Betws Y Coed

This past week has been surprisingly long. On Tuesday I took a trip to get the bf and have otherwise been working! So much for a nice 'festive' time with him! So this weekend, we went to Betws Y Coed together, bought matching jackets together, looked at some cute walking boots (which I will blog about at a later date!) and generally had a nice time together! 
So instead of a weekly roundup post as such, I'm posting a few pictures from our cute trip!!

The first photograph is of a cute little candle shop at Betws Y Coed. I loved the fact it looked so festive, plus the man working at the shop looked a bit like Santa too....! So cute!!

If you're intending on visiting Betws Y Coed (which I highly recommend) there are lots and lots of cute little cafes to choose from! I love this cute little French looking cafe called the Alpine Coffee Shop. It has a cute outdoor seating feature too with cute fairy lights round it! Perfect for cold winter evenings sipping hot tea with your loved ones!

I completely fell in love with these super adorable fleece lined mittens, but at £20 I thought I might be able to knit myself a pair (or ask Santa nicely....!) You'll find lots and lots of cute shops in Betws Y Coed, full of hand crafted pieces! It's a bit unfortunate that I was unable to take photographs of some of the cutest hand crafted pieces I found, but never mind!!

I hope you've all had a really lovely weekend full of festive activities!


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