Thursday, 12 January 2012


Now, I never really review products. In fact, I never buy many products in general, but after lusting over OPI's Rainbow Connection (which I have seen on lots of other blogs) I couldn't really force myself to part with a tenner to buy it....Sorry OPI, but this year I'm definitely having to save the extra pennies. I came across Technic's Carnival nail polish a few times online, but after realising it was a fairly convincing 'dupe' I felt more willing to buy it.
This is in no way a comparison to OPI's nail polish. In fact I have never used Rainbow Connection by OPI, and I haven't seen anyone in person wearing it either.
Anyway, back to Technic... I applied it on top of my Model's Own Nude Beige to give a neutral base. After one coat, the nail varnish was evenly spread and looked good, but I gave it a second coat just to make it more glittery. You could apply as many coats as you like in order to achieve your desired effect. This nail varnish instantly transformed my nails, and I'm currently big on glitter nails due to the fact they cheer me up on gloomy days at work!
I bought mine here, and at £1.25 a pot, it really is worth it if you're a fan of sparkly nails! 

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely week so far.
Next week, I'm definitely going to try and schedule some baking posts in, as well as an update on some of my new year's 'to do list'! I'm currently reading His Dark Materials on my Kindle which is super exciting!



  1. Wow! So sparkly! And such a bargain as well! x

  2. This is lush and i cant believe its soooo cheap! im deffo buying myself some :D

  3. Thank you! Oh, i love this nail polish <3

  4. It looks so good, I can get opi cheap with my mums friends business card but that's even cheaper, does it stay on or peel or anything?x

  5. It looks gorgeous on, what a great price too. I've just been checking out that site, they don't seem to do international shipping :( I'll have to keep a look out!


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