Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day Tripper

Yesterday, I went on a lovely walk with my dad to Abersoch. I had never previously been to Abersoch, and somehow I had my hopes up for the beach and the surrounding area in general. 
For us, it was approximately an hours drive, and on a lovely sunny day like yesterday, it was perfect (although it had been very cold first thing in the morning.....Minus two in fact! And as you can see the condensation on the windows this morning had built up quite a lot!) I don't really want to spoil my perception and initial thoughts about Abersoch because I'm currently writing a visitor guide on a lot of places around north Wales as blog features, but lets just say it had its good points and its bad points!

I think the highlight for me was seeing these gorgeous little beach huts. I thought they were really adorable and made a great photograph! What we did notice were a LOT of jellyfish washed up. I'm not the biggest jelly fish fan... When I go to the aquarium and I see those tiny jelly fish, I think they're stunning, but I don't like big ones, and I definitely don't like seeing them washed up on the beach.... However, I had to take a photograph... I managed to take a photograph of one of them which was lying with its underneath upwards and you could see its mouth (I'll blog about it in my weekly roundup post) However, this is a random fact for all of you (if you didn't know, because I didn't until I looked it up!) The 'orifice' functions both as a mouth and anus....How disgustingly interesting is that?! Ha....
Oh, and someone had left some cute little bucket sand castles along the wall which I thought was adorable too!

Hope you're having a good week so far!



  1. Lovely images! Really captures the winter sunshine.

    Eek! Jelly fish! Euughh, their bum is also their mouth??? Bahahaaaa! Nice! :D xx

  2. You always take such beautiful photos Fiona!

    I love beach huts too, they're so cute all lined and painted different colours.


  3. Sounds like a very interesting day! :)


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