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A Guide To : Llanddwyn Beach And Island

I have decided for 2012 to visit more places, to take a lot more photographs, and to share my beautiful home with all of you and all the lovely places you could see.
For this week, I'm starting off with Llanddwyn which is one of my favourite places to visit in north Wales!

Llanddwyn Beach & Island


First of all, you could say Llanddwyn has three sections to it:

1. Newborough Forest
2. Llanddwyn Beach
3. Llanddwyn Island

If you're looking for somewhere to go for a long day out, this is probably a very good place to go. It does require quite a lot of walking, so be prepared and wear extremely comfortable shoes and clothing (when I say lots of walking is required, the beach itself is miles long!) During the winter term, it can be very cold at Llanddwyn too, so be sure to wrap up very warm with multiple layers!! 

Why visit Llanddwyn?
Well....Llanddwyn is quite simply beautiful. Amongst the Welsh, it is famous for the story of Santes Dwynwen, (the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers) Not only that, but it's a breathtaking day out, any time of year. Also the view over the Llyn Peninsula and towards Snowdon is a must see. There is something for everyone at Llanddwyn, from a beautiful forest, miles and miles of a stunning sandy beach, sand dunes and a romantic island.

Llanddwyn beach has a rather big car park although it does get busy during the summer period. To make sure you get a parking spot, go early in the morning and spend the entire day there. The down side is that the car park costs £3/£4, but if you're staying for the day, it's definitely worth it. An alternative is to park half a mile away from the entrance of the car park along the road or in the nearby village.
However, the walk from the car park entrance down to the car park itself is a very long walk (approximately three quarters of a mile) But at least you get to walk through the beautiful Newborough Forest!
Llanddwyn has toilets near the car park too and plenty of picnic tables.
Be sure to take your own food and drinks, there are no cafes or shops near the beach itself.

To get to the Island, you must wait for a low tide, otherwise you won't be able to get there. During this time of year, the high tide is around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but be sure to check it out before venturing on the island in case you get stuck there!

How To Get There
By car, if you're taking the A55 towards Holyhead, go off at junction 8A towards Llanfairpwll.
Turn left onto Brynsiencyn Road A4080
Turn right onto High Street A4080
At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Chapel Street  A4080
Turn left onto Church Street
Then keep following the road until you have come to the entrance.

Personal Thoughts
I've visited Llanddwyn beach many times, and it never fails to impress! I personally love spending long days out there, if I set off early enough, I can get a decent parking spot and a great section on the beach too (If I want to sunbathe / chill out!) During the winter period, I love long walks during the afternoon and watching the sun set.
Last week was the first time I went on the island itself, and it's truly stunning, I can't believe I haven't been on it before!
From my house, it takes approximately 30 minutes, but from Bangor, it's around 15-20 minutes by car.
It's by far one of my favourite places to go in north Wales, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed either!


  1. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! I'm a bit jealous!
    Loving your new blog look :) xx

  2. I am also jealous! Such beautiful pictures! xx

  3. loving the new header!! could you please blog about how you did yours? its just mine is from a website that I edited a little bit and want a more professional looking one! x great post... your pictures are beautiful! the welsh coast is the best!

  4. I love North Wales and want to visit again.

  5. Wonderful! I've just posted a link on my blog to this page of stunning photographs.
    Dydd Santes Dwynwen hapus!


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