Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year

Happy new year everyone!!
I hope you all had an amazing time on Saturday night, and a lovely weekend in general!
Thank you for all the support I have been given over the past few months! I never expected so many readers, so many admirers or so many new friends!
A special thank you to:
Carla (my best friend and fellow blogger, I love you) Lora (another very close friend, you mean the world) Sophie , Katie , Katy , Kat (Thank you for everything) , Nia
To name but a few.... 

I have some goals / things I want to do this year...Some are plain silly, but here we go...

★ Read more (Kindle, or no kindle??)
★ Earn some more money
★ Go on holiday
★ Be happy
★ Worry less
★ Be more creative + learn new skills
★ Knit more so I have homemade warmers for next winter!
★ Find a new hobby
★ Be more active
★ Watch more films
★ Turn my bedroom into a relaxing place to be (instead of a floordrobe)
★ Visit the Harry Potter studio tour.... (Birthday idea maybe?)
★ Create a recipe book
★ Bake more
★ Have Sunday roast more often...
★ Spend more days out with my Canon
★ Find a great new pair of jeans
★ Go to the theatre
★ Drink more water
★ Become more confident and happier in my own skin
★ See my friends more
★ Go on a road trip
★ Go to Brighton
★ Learn how to ski
★ Make a photo scrap book
★ Make the most of 2012 (because you only live once + life is way too short)

What are your goals for 2012? 



  1. aww. :) blogging in such an amazing way of getting to know people with the same interests, as all my friends think my obsession with make up and crafty things are a bit strange! i was wondering whether to get a kindle or not since the new ones are only £90 or around about that area. hmm.. what do you think of them?

  2. Your goals are great plus we have some the same! Good luck with them all :) And my bedroom is constantly a floordrobe! Haha I think I should take a couple of ideas from your list :p Oh and thanks for the mention lovely! xx

  3. I'm so glad i met you Fi :) I hope 2012 is a great year for you, in all that you do, and you achieve great things (which i'm sure you will!) Thank you for being yourself, and super lovely!

    K xo

  4. You're so creative already though! I love that dress.x

  5. Really? That means so much I'm glad to have helped and my email is you can talk to me any time x

  6. Aww Happy New Year to you too. Hope 2012 brings you lots of wonderful things. That's a lovely little list you got there. You would make a great recipe book! xxx

  7. I love my kindle - cheaper books and less space in the handbag! I also now want to visit Harry Potter studio - so exciting!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Claire xxx

  8. Creating a recipe book is such a lovely idea... I want to do more of the things I love this year too. All your cookery posts look amazing (I've just discovered your blog :) )

    e x

  9. AWW thank you for the mention! I love your blog and will continue to read and enjoy your posts :D
    You have some great goals - loads, too! All I can think of for myself is to lose a little more weight and save loads of money! Oh and YES to the kindle! You won't regret it! x

  10. Happy New Year!

    I say no Kindle, but, I'm old fashioned -- I love the smell and weight of books. Nothing beats them!

    Fashion Translated

  11. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing1 I am following it now!

    Also, I would be delighted if you would enter my giveaway so you can win an amazing perfume: Citizen Queen by the brand Juliette has a gun.
    Here is the link to my giveaway:

    Good luck!

    Ana Wallflower

  12. gorgeous dress! I need to read more on my kindle too! xx


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