Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekly Roundup

I hope you've had a really lovely week!! Mine hasn't been the most interesting ever, but there we go! I started back at work on Tuesday after a lovely week off for Christmas and New Year, and once again I'm back in the habit of going to bed super early, and waking up at 6am! 
Since I work during the week, I don't get a chance to blog as much as I'd like to. However, I am determined to not let that affect me as much from now on! I intend on blogging a lot throughout 2012, share more recipes with all of you and let you in a bit more on the things I get up to! The bf is also sadly going back to the flat today...

Yesterday, we went out to Llandudno for a lovely walk along the promenade. My bf lives five minutes away so it's always nice to have a walk along the sea front and pop to a few shops on a Saturday afternoon.
On the way, I had to stop the car to capture this lovely view. It's a view of the Conwy Valley from his village which looked even more stunning than usual yesterday. 

I have a thing for packaging, end of! When I received my walking boots (which I have been wearing almost each day since I got them) they came in this beautifully embossed box which I absolutely fell in love with. I should really blog about them more since they're my first ever walking boots too! But I just love the 'Never Stop Exploring' on the box. It's very inspirational considering I want to 'live' more in 2012, I definitely want to visit new places and see new things!

Another thing on my 'to do' list for 2012 is to bake more. I received the Hummingbird Bakery cook book off my dad for Christmas, and ideally I would love to bake at least one cake from the book a week. I managed to bake a 'giant' cupcake for New Year's Eve for the first time (thanks to my boyfriend's sister for buying a large cake mould for me for Christmas!) and it turned out fantastic....It tasted great! So baking more is on the to do list.

The bf got an adult scooter for 'Christmas'. And when I say 'Christmas', I mean a week later! We all chipped in to help since he badly wanted one!
Yesterday was the first day he took it out after bad weather for the past week in sunny old north Wales! As we went out to Llandudno, he took it out with him to scoot along the prom! He looked very happy indeed with his new toy I must say!

So as this week comes to an end, I have to say goodbye to the bf for probably another month or so and back to the same old routine of work, work and more work.
In between working, I do want to see some friends as well as focus on a few hobbies to pass the time. My dad very kindly bought me a little 'gift' the other night....It is in fact a Kindle, and as I've been going on about it for quite some time, I'm so excited for it to arrive! My aim is definitely to read at least one book a month and write a mini book review!

I hope you've had a great week



  1. Aw, your dad bought you the kindle? How lovely of him, you will love it :)
    I still need to use my big cupcake mould! x

  2. I received a lovely cookery book too! It's from the Primrose bakery! Cute little cupcakes, cakes, and loaves to try out! I really recommend it! It also has a giant cupcake recipe in it, which ill be trying out very soon!! x

  3. Lovely photos and I also definitely need to bake more! <3

  4. Lovely photos! I also want to bake more...the Hummingbird book is great, I just need to find time now!xxx

  5. Eeek sorry to hear about the 6am starts! ): Just think of the money eh :) I think the walking boots box is great, what a lovely phrase! Definitely something I want to do more, it makes me sad when I realise that worrying really holds me back! xxx

  6. i work full time too and struggle to fit in the time to blog.. it's really hard but it's something i really want to do so I'm trying to make posts over weekends and schedule them in the week. I really know how you feel about work work and more work! you've taken some lovley piccies, i love that pharase 'never stop exploring' - very inspiring! hope you enjoy your week xx

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)
    x x x


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