Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekly Roundup

This week has been rather strange. I took my boyfriend back to the flat on Sunday which was a really sad day. I returned on Monday overwhelmed by a sea of emotions. It's really strange not having him around after having a really nice time over Christmas together. Instantly to take my mind off things, I cleared my bedroom (much needed - and also one of my 'things to do this year') Must keep my bedroom tidy, I want it to become a relaxing place to unwind, instead of a really messy, cluttered dumping ground!
I like to keep myself calm and relaxed by burning some lovely fragrance oils and scented candles. These ones were purchased in the Oxfam sale for £1.70 (I'd been eyeing them up before the sale, but they cost £5.99 at the time) However, they smell absolutely amazing. It's a mix of citrus fruits and berries, it's so yummy!

This is the meal I cooked for my boyfriend before I left the flat. I'd wanted to make some couscous stuffed peppers for such a long time!

I finally received my Kindle on Tuesday, and so far I am really pleased with it! It's so cute, small, light and very handy! Since I will be taking the train up to see my boyfriend instead of driving (really need to save money + the cost of fuel is insane) this will come in very handy indeed for those long train journeys ahead of me!

I saw my friend, Nicky on Wednesday and as usual, I got baking! My friends all love me due to the fact I almost always bake them cupcakes!
This cupcake in particular was made using my Hummingbird Bakery book! It's a chocolate cupcake topped with peppermint butter cream and crushed maltesers! 

I tried Carnival by Technic this week and was really amazed with the sparkly results!
In Kindle news - I'm currently reading The Golden Compass and am really really enjoying it. I'm trying to read a book a month (and post a mini book review up on my blog at the end of each month)
I'm really obsessed with my Kindle so far, I find it really enjoyable to use, and it doesn't seem to hurt my eyes as much as reading from a normal book would. I will be posting more about my Kindle and which books are on my 'to read' list very soon! 

Yesterday, I took a random trip with a friend to Llanddwyn Beach & Island along with her medic friends who are all up here on placement for the next couple of weeks! It was really nice to catch up with her since she's at Cardiff University, so I don't get to see her much!
I, in fact love Llanddwyn, it's one of my favourite places to visit in north Wales. I consider myself so lucky each day to be living in such a beautiful place. If you're near Anglesey, I really suggest you go there. You won't regret it, it's such a magical place.
We happened to arrive around 3pm, and as we started walking towards the island, the sea began to move out and the sun started to set beautifully over the lighthouse. Our walk from the beach to the end of the island took around 40 minutes, and it was such a perfect day for a nice long walk. I definitely got some time to clear my head and relax a bit on the most perfect Saturday afternoon!
For further information on Llanddwyn click here.

I hope you've all had a super lovely weekend! 
Have a great week!



  1. Mmm that cupcake looks goooood! My friends love me for my baking too, haha. One of my favourite meals is cous cous stuffed peppers :) xx

  2. Those candles sound delicious!
    I love North Wales, not been in ages and I'm really missing it!


  3. we're reading the golden compass series in school. confusing.... especially in a boring, hot, classroom! but I'm slowly coming to terms with all the daemons and different universes! I'm on a hunt for cheap but lovely scented candles as my favourite... yankee candles... are a tad expensive (15 pounds a pot!) any suggestions??? lovely post !! x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)
    x x x

  5. Oooo what a lovely weekly round-up. Loving the selection of photos. Love the nails, the cupcake, the Kindle...everything. Wales looks beautiful, I've only ever been once but would really like to go again.

    Jen xx

    1. I'm going to be posting some guides on places to visit in Wales soon too :) x x

  6. Lovely selection of photos for your round-up. I really like the sound of the cupcake - I have the book so must have a look for the recipe.

  7. Just found you via Sophie from Trinket Box! Your blog is lovely :) I also have 'Things to do this year', I do that instead of new years resolutions! I have a big long list, think I'm going to add it to my blog so I can tick off as I go - very optimistic that there will be ticks!? Haha


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