Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly Roundup

Recently, I've found myself incredibly drawn to the sea, in fact a lot more than usual, and I'm a huge fan of the sea. I've come to the conclusion I definitely couldn't live without being fairly close to the sea, and where we live in north Wales is the perfect location if you're a big fan. We're surrounded by beautiful coastlines... On Monday afternoon, I took a trip with Lora to Dinas Dinlle as the sun was setting. I loved the beautiful pink glow peeking above the clouds. This is one of my favourite places to go during the evenings for a lovely walk and a long chat!
We're both also going to try and do some more walking together on a weekly basis which I'm looking forward to!

On Monday, I also took a trip to Abersoch with my dad and as you can see, I fell in love with the little beach huts! I thought they were so incredibly adorable! And as I mentioned in the previous post about our little day trip, this is the little upside down jelly fish we saw...And I'm assuming this is its mouth (If you've read the other post....You'll also know it has another function!)

I really want to focus more on and in fact appreciate my photography. It's something I enjoy so much, and I think I literally use my camera at least once a day to capture something!
Personally, I think it's so important to be taking good quality, detailed photographs as a blogger. I love a blog with big photographs, which is why I decided to change my layout a bit and put more focus on my photography which I'm hoping to develop in the next few months or so by spending long days out with my camera!
I'm hoping to get some of these prints enlarged and framed on my wall ( I have one extremely empty wall near my bed that I would love to cover with pretty pictures!)

We went to see Puss In Boots on Wednesday (two for one thanks to Orange!) And surprisingly, it was really good!! Lots of laughs and something easy to watch, purrrrrfect!
Two Christmas gifts I've been really loving and wearing all the time are these gorgeous little birdie earrings I got from one of my best friends, and this gorgeous necklace from Lora which I've been eyeing up for quite some time now.... Check out Lora's blog for more information about her work, or alternatively, like her Facebook page! I am, for the time being, her personal photographer, so please admire the pretty pictures too!!

Generally, I haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked this past week due to the weather here (it can be extremely up and down, with one extremely beautiful day, then rain non stop for the entire week! So going out walking and taking photographs can be a bit of a challenge!) My highlights of this week have been my beautiful Monday at Abersoch, and spending the evening with Lora at Dinas Dinlle. Followed by a lovely night at the cinema watching Puss In Boots! 
I think it's meant to rain almost every day this week too, so I might have to stick to some baking posts or indoor related activities!

I hope you've all had a really lovely week and making the most of your weekend!



  1. I always love looking at your photos! I sooo want to move near the sea :-) x

  2. I wish I lived nearer the sea. These photographs are stunning.

    Amy x

  3. These are absolutely beautiful photos, I completely agree with you about living near the sea, I think I've just become too attached to it! x

  4. lovely pics! I love living by the sea, even in winter :) x

  5. the first one is beautiful! I envy you living near the sea, I wish I would - I love sea so much but there is none in my country.


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