Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photography Work : DyfalDonc

Yesterday I took some photographs of DyfalDonc's work. They are two very lovely artists based in north Wales, mad about making!
Their work is all about recycling/up-cycling, found images and ephemera, creating a beautiful range of accessories such as earrings, brooches, tote bags and rings!
I particularly love their heart earrings, I think they're so adorable!!

This was the first time I had met them, and I was greeted into their home with a lovely cup of tea and slice of cake (which is always a plus in my books!) Their house was also very lovely, filled with retro furniture and vintage bits and bobs! Definitely a big inspiration for a fellow vintage lover like me!

Click on the link above to view their Etsy shop, prices start from £2 for their cute and quirky pin badges!

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!



  1. ooh! they look so pretty! will have a look now! love the brooch, it reminds me of a quirky prefect badge :)

  2. Adorable stuff! Especially the brooch :)

    To be honest most of the pictures on my blog or taken with my i-pone. I bought a Olympus XZ-1 (I think it's the name of it, might be ZX-1 too haha), but when I'm just taking quick pictures (like for my thrifting finds post) I like to use my i-phone. For me it's more about the "layout" of the picture than the quality, if that makes sense? haha :) But I'll learn to use my Olympus more frequently!

  3. ooh I LOVE the Cariad one! =D awesome! for valentines I was given a gorgeous fridge magnet saying 'Cwtch'. I love items with a regional-vibe =]

  4. Lovely photographs and I am liking the jewellery :)

  5. Aw these are cute! Going to check their Etsy now! Lovely photos too :) x

  6. These are so cute - I love heart earrings too!


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