Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly Roundup

Lora came over on Monday, and since I've now become her 'personal photographer' haha, I took these photos of her recent pieces! I really love these earrings. She's actually made these as a part of her Valentines limited edition collection, and I've just ordered a pair too, but in black (since I wear a lot of black, it seemed more appropriate! I've seen them, they were exactly as I thought they'd be since she hadn't made any black ones, and I'm literally in love!!)

My 'healthy option' muffins made without any dairy products!! They go really well with my banana and strawberry smoothie (I will put the recipe up here very soon!)

On Monday afternoon, I actually went to Aber Falls with Lora before photographing her work. It was a surprisingly sunny day considering it was meant to rain and snow according to Mr Weatherman! 
To reach the waterfall, it's approximately a mile from the car park, and it's all uphill! We were walking against the wind and so it made it twice as hard (definitely a good work out for the legs!) 

Click here to take a look at Lora's blog. When I receive my earrings I will definitely be blogging about them!!

On Friday afternoon, I caught the train to go and see my boyfriend, and yesterday it actually started to snow here! This is the view from out the living room window at the flat! I'm actually hoping it won't snow any more since I have to catch a train back tomorrow morning!! 
Also, I saw the coolest woman ever on the train on Friday! She had a huge tote bag with her full of wool and knitting! She actually pulled out a beautifully cabled what I could only assume would eventually be a hat, which is rather strange since I've now started on another hat which will be cabled! I can't wait to show you all the finished project and share the pattern with you.

This is also something I'm rather excited about! As you saw in last week's roundup post, I had a photograph of this knitted bobble hat (minus the bobble!) Well, I can now proudly say it has been sewn up and it has a very large bobble on top!! I love it so so much that I've even started knitting another one!
I will probably post the pattern up on here soon! In fact, it's a really great pattern for beginners. So if you want to knit something very simple that looks impressive, this is definitely for you! 
(Keep your eyes peeled!)

I hope you've all had a really lovely week and weekend!



  1. I LOVE the hat..the colours are gorgeous too - beautiful! I started learning to knit a bit last year, but then stopped - need to start again!
    Your friend's earrings are beautiful too!!

  2. Those pictures of the waterfall are really pretty :) And the bubble hat is lovely too!

  3. You take some beautiful photos! Look at all that snowwww!

  4. Lovely photos!I love the earrings :-) x

  5. I love your weekly round-ups! The photos are always so stunning =)

    Would like to see that recipe for the muffins, you know how much I love your recipes hehe! Beautiful earrings, will be taking a look at your friend's blog.

    The bobble hat is lovely! Wish I could knit! I remember having to knit a teddy bear in primary school and by the end of the term I only managed to knit an ear and everybody else had finished. Sad moment haha!

    Jen xx

    1. Hey Jen I've put the recipe for the muffins up :) should be the post below this one :)
      Will be posting the smoothie recipe very soon!
      And thank you :D ha that's so cute about the knitted teddy bear!!
      x x x

  6. Hi I have nominated/awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Pop on over to my blog- for more info x

  7. Hi there, I just discovered your blog (after you discovered mine first) and it looks awesome! Your photography is so fine, I love your style! And pray, do tell, where are those gorgeous earrings for sale?

    1. My friend who creates these beautiful earrings has now opened an Etsy shop, you can see it here:
      x x x


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