Saturday, 17 March 2012

Interior Inspiration

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Ever since turning 23 (yes, I know it was less than two weeks ago...!) I've been dreaming of having my own place so much! I'd love to live in my own house, filled with all the quirky little things I love to collect! My bedroom is starting to get a little crammed with all the stuff I can't say no to at charity shops! 

Me and my boyfriend both have high hopes of getting our own house in the very near future, and it's something I'm getting really REALLY excited about! 
I've seen a lot of bloggers mention their new house lately, so if you're one of them please please share your experiences or any photographs you have of your new home!

For the time being, I will share some interior design inspiration via Design Sponge (one of my favourite sites of all time!) I absolutely love quirky interior design combined with vintage or second hand furniture and items around the house!
In the next few weeks I'm also going to be sharing some pretty crafty DIY things to make, from chalkboard plant pots to scrabble art!
Anyway, I've had a very busy / hard working week, and I'm off to see the bf this weekend (and this is a little scheduled post I have lined up!) Will keep you updated with some week in instagram photos of what I've been up to!

Hope you've had a wonderful week!



  1. I love that we posted about the same thing on the same day, twinsies!

  2. Oh, gawd. I really like this post! (I have been thinking about studying interior design once, because I was absolutely obsessed with it) and I still like decorating and looking at other people's houses or rooms/flats :D

    Thanks for mentioning design sponge, it's a great website!
    I love the bookshelves organized in colors, I copied that idea when it was so popular on tumblr, hehe :)


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